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Professor Mikhail Shifman, recent Pomeranchuk prize winner, says that particle physicists are experiencing a crucial time. And he ought to know. Shifman has written several books on the history of elementary particle physics. "We are at a crossroads, we will go to the left or to the right or nowhere" Shifman says, referring to the fact that supersymmetry, the theory that states that there are superpartners for every known particle, has not yet been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider.


Gov. Dayton signs bonding bill which includes $119.4 million for U of M projects

Tate Lab Renovation.jpg

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bonding bill that includes funding to renovate, furnish, and equip the Tate Laboratory of Physics building on the Minneapolis campus. Tate Lab renovation was a top priority for the Governor, the House and the Senate bonding requests. The project is now in the schematic design phase. More »

School welcomes AAPT National Meeting

The School of Physics and Astronomy welcomes the national summer meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers. Over 1100 people have registered for the meeting which will run from July 26-30th. More information on the event can be found here.

School to add five new faculty in 2014

The School of Physics and Astronomy will welcome five new faculty members in the 2014-2015 academic year: Andrey Chubukov, Natalia Perkins, Elias Puchner, Vlad Pribiag and Jake Koralek. Professor Chubakov has accepted the the William and Bianca Fine Chair in Theoretical Physics. Professor Perkins specializes condensed matter theory. Elias Puchner specializes in biologic physics and Professors Pribiag and Koralek are condensed matter experimentalists.

Multiverse controversy subject of Misel Lecture


Professor Andrei Linde of Stanford University will deliver the 9th Annual Misel Lecture, "Universe or Multiverse?" on September 16th at 7:00 p.m. in the Memorial Hall of the McNamara Alumni Center. Professor Linde will also deliver a School of Physics and Astronomy Colloquium, on September 17th entitled, "Inflation and Cosmological Attractors." More »

Highlights of the Physics and Nanotechology Building


The University has created a short video featuring highlights of the new Physics and Nanotechnology building.


Thursday, July 24th
08:00 am:
NOvA Collaboration Meeting in various locations in Tate and PAN
Friday, July 25th
08:00 am:
NOvA Collaboration Meeting in various locations in Tate and PAN
11:00 am:
Earth-sized Exoplanets —
Andrew W. Howard, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii - Manoa
Saturday, July 26th
08:00 am:
Sunday, July 27th
08:00 am:
Monday, July 28th
08:00 am:
Tuesday, July 29th
08:00 am:
Wednesday, July 30th
08:00 am:
Friday, August 8th
Friday, August 22nd
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