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CSE Distinguished Professor Roberta Humphreys likes them big – stars, that is. For many years her research has focused on the evolved, most massive stars and the unstable final stages before they explode as supernovae. These very massive and very large stars have relatively short lifetimes of a few million years. Near the ends of their lives, due to still poorly understood physics, they shed a lot of mass, and in many cases producing visible circumstellar nebulae as a record of their instabilities.


Gov. Dayton signs bonding bill which includes $119.4 million for U of M projects

Tate Lab Renovation.jpg

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bonding bill that includes funding to renovate, furnish, and equip the Tate Laboratory of Physics building on the Minneapolis campus. Tate Lab renovation was a top priority for the Governor, the House and the Senate bonding requests. The project is now in the schematic design phase. More »

Veit chosen as finalist for Apker Award

Michael Veit

Recent University of Minnesota graduate, Michael J. Veit, has been selected as a finalist for the 2014 Leroy Apker award of the American Physical Society. Veit earned his Bachelor's of Science degree in Physics with high distinction. During his time as an undergraduate, he worked for more than two years in Professor Martin Greven's laboratory, were he grew crystals and pursued state-of-the-art charge transport measurements of cuprate superconductors. More »

School welcomes AAPT National Meeting

The School of Physics and Astronomy welcomes the national summer meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers. Over 1100 people have registered for the meeting which will run from July 26-30th. More information on the event can be found here.

Multiverse controversy subject of Misel Lecture


Professor Andrei Linde of Stanford University will deliver the 9th Annual Misel Lecture, "Universe or Multiverse?" on September 16th at 7:00 p.m. in the Memorial Hall of the McNamara Alumni Center. Professor Linde will also deliver a School of Physics and Astronomy Colloquium, on September 17th entitled, "Inflation and Cosmological Attractors." More »

Highlights of the Physics and Nanotechology Building


The University has created a short video featuring highlights of the new Physics and Nanotechnology building.


Wednesday, August 6th
09:00 am:
Please stop by and view Powerpoint presentations by the students in the 2014 REU program, poster session ends at 2:00 p.m.
Thursday, August 7th
12:00 pm:
REU Poster Session in 110 PAN
Please stop by and view posters by the students in the 2014 REU program, poster session ends at 1:30 p.m.
1:00 pm:
A catalog of AGB stars, and models for silicate carbon stars —
Dr. Kyung-Won Suh
Dr. Suh works on dust shell models for evolved stars and is a former Astronomy graduate student here at the UofM
Friday, August 8th
Wednesday, August 13th
3:30 pm:
Search for a Heavy Right-Handed W Boson and Heavy Neutrino of the Left-Right Symmetric Standard Model —
Joe Pastika
Friday, August 15th
1:30 pm:
Thesis Defense in 110 PAN
Calibration and Design of the E and B EXperiment (EBEX) Cryogenic Receiver —
Kyle Zilic, University of Minnesota
This the public portion of Mr. Zilic's thesis defense.
Friday, August 22nd
Sunday, August 24th
2:30 pm:
Dr. Enrique Rodriguez, U Texas-San Antonio
Monday, September 1st
Wednesday, September 10th
3:35 pm:
Dark Energy and Type 1a SN —
Greg Aldering
Refreshments served in Room 216 Physics after colloquium
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