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Evan Frodermann is a post doc in the Physics Education Group, working with Ken Heller in a cross- discipline collaboration between the School and the College of Education and Human Development. Frodermann is helping to develop the second generation of computer coaches for use in physics classrooms. These computer coaches are designed to help teaching the skill of problem-solving in a physics context.


Chubukov, Fernandes and Greven given grant to form research center

Center for Quantum Materials faculty Andrey Chubukov, Martin Greven, Bharat Jalan, Rafael Fernandes, and Chris Leighton

Three faculty members in the School have been given $2.6 million over the next three years from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences. The new Center for Quantum Materials brings together an interdisciplinary research team of Professors Andrey Chubakov, Rafael Fernandes and Martin Greven from the School and Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science professors Bharat Jalan and Chris Leighton. More »

Perkins named APS Fellow

Natalia Perkins

Professor Natalia Perkins was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society for "theoretical studies of the low-energy behavior of strongly correlated electron systems that exhibit an interplay of orbital and spin degrees of freedom."

Two School alumni receive Outstanding Achievement Awards

John Bowers and Bradley Peterson

John Bowers, (physics '76) and Bradley Peterson (Physics '74) received the University's highest alumni accolade, the Minnesota Board of Regents' Outstanding Achievement Award. More »

Pryke named APS Fellow

Clement Pryke

Professor Clement Pryke was named a Fellow of the American Physics Society for "groundbreaking measurement and data analyses of the polarization of cosmic microwave background radiation, and for using the data to provide strong constraints on the composition and initial conditions of the early universe." More »

Wygant named APS Fellow

John Wygant

Professor John Wygant has been named a Fellow of the American Physical Society for "advancing our understanding of energy flows by Alfvén waves and particle acceleration in regions of magnetic reconnection and collisionless shocks and the design and implementation of the space-borne electric field instruments that enabled these studies." More »


Friday, October 28th
10:10 am:
Effects of eV-Scale Sterile Neutrinos on Supernova Explosion and Nucleosynthesis —
Yong-Zhong Qian, University of Minnesota
12:20 pm:
Counting Zero Energy States in the Penrose Lattice —
Ezra Day-Roberts, University of Minnesota
12:30 pm:
Revisiting mirror symmetry in three dimensions —
Peter Koroteev (Perimeter)
2:30 pm:
The Central Molecular Zone of the Galaxy: Dense Molecular Clouds, Massive Stars and Magnetic Fields —
Dr. Cornelia Lang, U. Iowa
3:35 pm:
"Forging the Moon; Or, How to Spot a Fake Galileo" —
Nick Wilding, Georgia State University
Refreshments served at 3:15 p.m.
4:40 pm:
To be announced. —
Cindy Cattell, University of Minnesota
Monday, October 31st
12:15 pm:
Multi-Dimensional Effective Field Theory Analysis for Direct Detection of Dark Matter —
Hannah Rogers (University of Minnesota)
Tuesday, November 1st
09:30 am:
Van Allen Probe Observation of the Large Poynting Flux in the Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer —
Sheng Tian, University of Minnesota
4:30 pm:
Synthesis, disorder and electron transport at the SrTiO3/NdTiO3 heterojunction —
Bharat Jalan, Chemical Engineering and Material Science
Wednesday, November 2nd
2:30 pm:
Condensed Matter Seminar in Physics 110 PAN
Quantum order-by-disorder and excitations in kagome-lattice magnets —
Sasha Chernyshev, UC Irvine
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