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Fred Becchetti (Ph.D., Physics, 1969; M.S., Physics, 1968; B.S., Physics, 1965)


I am a professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

I am married with two sons. My favorite memory from the University of Minnesota was taking night shifts on the nuclear accelerators with fellow graduate students, post-docs, and, occasionally, faculty – especially in the winter time. My advisor and others in the nuclear research group were great. As a physics undergraduate, I was wandering through the basement one day and noticed a room full of hundreds of lead-acid batteries. Next door, Professor Nier and others were making a precision mass measurement. Nier kindly stopped and explained what they were doing, and the purpose of all the batteries. The batteries provided the ultra-stable voltage sources needed for the experiment. I still remember how a well-known professor took time to explain his experiment to me. Now as a professor, I always try to involve undergraduate students in my own research.