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Donald E. Young (Ph.D., Physics, 1959; M.S., Physics/Math, 1951)


I have been married for 60 years to my wife Billie.

We have three children and seven grandchildren. I was a Communication
Officer in the infantry during WWII. After the war I did my graduate studies while working at the research laboratory of General Mills. After earning my doctorate degree in 1959, I joined Midwestern Universities Research Association (MURA) with the mission of developing high-energy proton linear accelerators (linacs), extending the experience I had acquired at the University. I then joined the National Accelerator Laboratory (now Fermilab). As one of the first
employees at Fermilab, I was put in charge of building the 200-millions electron-volt linac injector for the synchrotron accelerators to follow. I retired in 1990 as a Scientist Emeritus. I am currently a consultant in medical accelerator design, and in defense-related accelerator design; president of the Particle Accelerator Corporation and a Fellow of the American Physical Society. My favorite memories included the physics picnic, the linear accelerator group, the poker club, fishing and swimming outing with John Williams, trout fishing in Wisconsin with Ed Tucker (Research Associate ‘50-’55), luncheons and late night accel operation with
Lawrence Johnston (Faculty ‘49-’61) and Donald Swenson (Ph.D.
‘58, M.A. ‘56), and auto repair with Eugene Lampi (Ph.D. ‘50, M.S. ‘41).My favorite courses included quantum mechanics, geometrical optics, mathematical physics, atomistics. My favorite professor was E.L. Hill