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Jeff Stehr, (Ph.D. 1995, Advisor: Mauersberger)


My advisor was Mauersberger. After graduation I did a postdoc at the University of Maryland.

Now I am an associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, on-site at NASA Headquarters. I am married with one child, perform improv comedy on weekends at the Comedy Spot, and teach weather and climate classes to local Master Naturalist groups. I support the director of Applied Sciences at NASA Headquarters in the Earth Science Division, using technical and communication skills I learned along the way. My favorite memories have to do with the people I met there and the things I did with them. Founding the Physics Grad Student organization, playing hockey with the Astropucks, and going rock climbing in St. Paul on Tuesday nights were all great. At the end, it was a great honor to graduate on the same stage, in the same robe as my father and grandfather did decades before me! I am terribly biased, but my advisor, Konrad Mauersberger, taught me about the science, the important of focusing on getting it right, and publishing good papers instead of just flooding the world with more of the same junk. And I will never forget the kind, humble brilliance of Ben Bayman or the Motown phonon from Jim Kakalios. Thanks!