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Bradford Hill (B.S. Physics)


Advisor was Professor Dan Dahlberg. Then Physics, UMD at College Park, Ramesh and MA in Science Education, UC Berkely, DiSessa. Now High School Physics Teacher at Southridge High School, Beaverton, OR.

Interestingly, this summer I will be awarded the American Association of Physics Teacher's highest teaching honor right at the University of Minnesota as the National Meeting of AAPT is being hosted by the U of M. I am also currently waiting as a finalist on hearing if I have been award the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Math Teaching. I was also awarded the 2014 Outstanding Classroom Teacher by the Oregon Science Teachers Association. And have been elected to be President of the Oregon Science Teachers Association this coming October. Tough as I have so many. My time at the University of Minnesota was filled with great intellectual growth, making great, lasting friendships, and a lot of ultimate frisbee. Perhaps, one that stands out as combining elements of these is at an evening study session for an E&M final exam a group of five of us were crunching out problem after problem on the back of some leftover fliers for a debate we helped organize and it began to pour down rain on the mall. The mall flooded and we spontaneous decided to run outside and begin to do lay out catches with a frisbee, sliding twenty feet on the flooded grass, shooting streams of water along the way. We then actually came inside and studied for another several hours and all did well on the exam. Favorite Professors and courses: Being a research assistant with Dahlberg was awesome. Then also working with Dahlberg's students as a whole was some of the best education I have ever been part of. The mentorship I got on what science is really about, adulthood, being a responsible citizen are among my most prized experiences, and they are the ones that introduced me to ultimate frisbee (which also led me to meet my wife).