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Jeffrey R. Basford (Ph.D, Physics, 1975; M.S., Physics, 1969, B.S., Physics, 1965)

After receiving my Ph.D. I went into the Peace Corps and the Vietnam-era army. More »

Donald W. Strecker (Ph.D, Physics, 1973; M.S., Physics,1969; B.S., Physics, 1965)

Professor Edward P. Ney was my favorite instructor, mentor, advisor, and friend. More »

Richard A. Hendrickson (Ph.D., Physics, 1972, B.S., Physics, 1964; )

My wife, Pauline, and I are both retired. More »

Matthew J. Cunningham (M.S., Physics, 1971, B.S., Physics, 1964; )

I have one daughter and seven grandkids. More »

Fred Becchetti (Ph.D., Physics, 1969; M.S., Physics, 1968; B.S., Physics, 1965)

I am a professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. More »

Rufi no H. Ibarra (Ph.D., Physics, 1969)

After receiving my Ph.D., I went to England to do postdoctoral
work at the University of Manchester from 1970-1973. More »

Richard J. Seebach (B.S., Physics, 1969; M.S., Computer Science, 1972)

I fondly remember my years at the University of Minnesota. More »

Madhavan, Arun S. (B.S., Physics/Math, 2006)

I am a graduate student at Iowa State University in Ames, IA in high energy astrophysics. More »

Koo, Kyungmo (B.S., Astrophysics, 2005)

I am a graduate student at the Astronautics and Space Technology Division of the University of Southern California (USC). More »

Corwin, Luke A. (B.S., Physics, 2003)

In April, 2007, I won Second Place in the annual Ohio State Hayes Graduate Research forum for College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences category. I plan to graduate with my Ph.D. by the end of 2008.

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