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Scott A. Anderson (B.S., Physics, 1994)

I have been teaching yoga since 1989. More »

David R. Hanson (Ph.D., Physics, 1989; B.S. Physics, 1983)

I am now teaching at Augsburg College in the Chemistry Department. More »

Gregory R. Roelofs (B.S., Physics, 1985)

I have worked at Yahoo for the last three years as part of the core (runtime) search-engine team. More »

Thomas J. Greenwald (B.S., Physics, 1983)

Professionally, I have done research in the atmospheric sciences for the past 22 years. More »

Thomas M. Christensen (B.S., Physics; B.S., Astrophysics, 1979)

I was just promoted to Professor of physics at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I currently serve as the Dean of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

Gina (Fayling) Odean (M.S., Physics, 1979)

In 1979, I used my physics degree to get a job in PBX Engineering at (then) Northwestern Bell. More »

Bradley M. Peterson (B.S., Physics, 1974)

I am currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Astronomy of the Ohio State University. More »

Paul E. Madsen (M.S., Physics, 1972)

This past summer was my 24th summer at Fermilab. More »

Rod A. Britten (Ph.D., Physics, 1971)

I am retired. I spent most of my professional life working More »

Charles P. Reinert (Ph.D., Physics, 1969; MS, Physics, 1963; B.S., Physics, 1961)

I am married to Lois. We have four children and five grandchildren. More »

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