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Mark Berg (B.S. 1991)

After graduating with my B.S. in 1991 under Professor Dan Dahlberg, I attended the University of Minnesota Medical School. More »

Patrick McLoughlin (B.S. Physics)

My B.S. is in physics with an engineering emphasis. My advisor was Professor Jim Kakalios. After graduation I joined the U.S. Navy as Instructor, Nuclear Power Training Command. More »

Lisa Umhoefer (Siskind) (B.S. Physics, M.S. Biophysical Sciences, 1993, Ph.D. Medical Physics, 2005)

After graduation I went into the medical field, Self-Employed. More »

Ian Behor (B.S. Physics)

A great memory for me is when Maxwell's equations all came together to describe light! More »

Martha Anderson (Ph.D., Astrophysics, Advisor: L. Rudnick)

Ph.D. in Astrophysics under Professor Larry Rudnick. Then I did a postdoc at UW Madison in the Soil Science Department. More »

Patrick Foley (B.S. Astrophysics)

I work at Technical Services, Epic, and am happily living in Wisconsin. More »

Brooks Rownd (B.S. Astrophysics)

Advisor: Dickey. Majored in astrophysics. More »

Tyle LaGrave (B.S. Physics)

My favorite memory was researching and presenting the heliospheric radio emissions detected by the Voyager Plasma Wave Instrument in the class Physics 4611: Introduction to Space Physics. More »

Usman Suriono (B.S. 1993)

Advisors: Professors Ben Bayman and Earl Peterson. M.S. Electrical Engineering in 1995, and 1999 Ph.D. Physics Dr. Polla. More »

Marie Lopez del Puerto (Ph.D. 2008, M.S. 2004, Advisor: J. Chelikowsky)

I am an Associate Professor in St. Paul MN. I received my M.S. in 2004 and my Ph.D. in 2008 under my advisor, James Chelikowsky. After graduation I went to St. Thomas to work in education.

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