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Jeremy Mans

Jeremy Mans studies hadron collider physics at the high energy frontier as well as trigger and data acquisition electronics.


Marvin Marshak

Marvin Marshak studies properties of fundamental interactions, including measurement of neutrino mass, tests of stability of matter (proton decay); high energy cosmic ray physics and astrophysics.


Paul Crowell

Paul Crowell and his research group focus on the transport of spin across interfaces between dissimilar materials as well as spin dynamics and relaxation in systems far from equilibrium. He is also interested in the excitations of inhomogeneous magnetic systems, particularly vortices. These experiments are carried out using transport and optical techniques developed in the Crowell group.


Ron Poling

Ron Poling studies experimental investigations of quarks and leptons in BESIII (an electron-positron collider experiment in Beijing) and NOvA (a long-baseline neutrino experiment from Fermilab to northern Minnesota). High-precision measurements from these experiments may help discover and disentangle physics beyond the Standard Model of elementary particles.


Dan Dahlberg

Dan Dahlberg and his research group’s primary research interests in magnetism. His active research program involves a substantial effort in spin transport in magnetic multilayers and films and ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic exchange coupling.


Roger Rusack

Roger Rusack carries out accelerator based experiments to understand the fundamental forces in Nature.


Eric Ganz

Eric Ganz does calculations of Hydrogen Storage Capacity of Metal-Organic and Covalent-Organic Frameworks by Spillover. There is great interest in finding porous solid materials that can store hydrogen for use in fuel cell vehicles. Ideally, these materials would adsorb large amounts of hydrogen gas reproducibly at room temperature and moderate pressure. A new class of materials has been developed that shows great promise for use in hydrogen storage.


Allen Goldman

Allen Goldman studies the properties of superconductors and selected magnetic materials in the configuration of thin films.


Martin Greven

Martin Greven does research using neutron and x-ray scattering of strongly correlated electron systems, high-temperature superconductivity, low-dimensional magnetism and crystal growth and characterization


C.C. Huang

C.C. Huang conducts optical investigations of free-standing liquid-crystal films, in particular, the films possessing a net electrical dipole moment to acquire the molecular orientational arrangements within the films.

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