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The Aneesur Rahman Award


A $1,000 prize for advanced graduate students for outstanding research contributions.

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Abdul Malmi-Kakkada

2015 Abdul Malmi-Kakkada

Abdul Malmi-Kakkada won the 2015 Aneesur Rahman Award.

Xin Li

2015 Xin Li

Xin Li won the 2015 Aneesur Rahman Award. Her research focuses on phenomenology of hadrons containing heavy quarks, and explaining experimental results from electron-positron collisions. Her advisor is Prof. Mikhail Voloshin. She is originally from Wuhan, a city in China that is also on the river. She spent two years in Purdue University before coming to Minnesota to study particle physics.


2014 Qianhui Shi

Qianhui won the Allen M. Goldman Fellowship.


2014 Chien-Te Wu

Chien-Te won the Aneesur Rahman Award. His research focuses on the superconducting proximity effects in Ferromagnet/Superconductor heterostructures with his advisor, Professor Oriol Valls. Chien-Te will use the award for support in the summer while writing his thesis. He is originally from Hinschu, Taiwan.


2014 Dan Endean

Dan won the Aneesur Rahman Award. He and his advisor, Professor Dan Dahlberg, research the properties of nanoscale magnets and the origins of magnetic noise. Dan and his wife hope to get a dog and this award will help with the expenses. He is originally from Holland, Michigan, and after graduation he will work in the Aerospace Division at Honeywell.

Ryo Namba

2013 Ryo Namba

Ryo Namba is originally from Okayama, Japan. His advisor is Prof. Marco Peloso. His research focus is theoretical particle cosmology, specifically particle interactions during inflation, and their observational signatures on the fluctuations of cosmic microwave background and large-scale structure and on stochastic gravitational waves. Ryo plans to use the award money to fund his research and to write his Ph.D. thesis over the summer.

Yeonbae Lee

2013 Yeonbae Lee

Yeonbae Lee is originally from South Korea. Under Prof. Allen Goldman's supervision, he studies superconductor-insulator transition driven by carrier density modulation, adapting field effect transistor scheme. Yeonbae uses a new exotic material called " Ionic Liquid", with which higher charge carrier transfer is possible, compared to the conventional metal-oxide field effect transistor. “I would like to thank Dr. Rahman for this honorable opportunity and award. I plan to use the award to visit my family in Korea after graduation this summer."

Chaoyun Bao

2013 Chaoyun Bao

Chaoyun Bao is originally from Hefei, China. The focus of her research is cosmic microwave background polarization Her advisor is Professor Shaul Hanany. Chaoyun plans to use the award to help fund future conference/workshop travels.

Meng-ru Wu

2012 Meng-ru Wu

Meng-ru Wu studies theoretical nuclear physics under Yong-Zhong Qian. His research focuses on how neutrinos evolve their flavors on the way out from the core of supernovae and the related physical consequences. He plans to use the award to buy a laptop or attend some physics conferences. He is originally from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

J. J. Nelson

2012 J. J. Nelson

J.J. Nelson won a 2012 outstanding T.A. Award. Nelson studies thermomagnetic measurements of the superconductor to insulator transition with his advisor Allen Goldman. He is originally from Sturgeon Bay, WI. He plans to put the award money into savings.

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