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The Larkin Fellowship is a fellowship awarded to a physics graduate student whose adviser is a member of the Fine Theoretical Physics Institute. The fellowship was established in memory of Professor Anatoly Larkin and was endowed by a group of 43 donors made up of his former students and colleagues.
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Hanteng Wang

Wang receives 2019 Larkin Fellowship

Hanteng Wang received the 2019 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship.

Mengxing Ye

Ye wins 2018 Larkin Fellowship

Mengxing Ye won the 2018 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship. She is originally from China. Ye plans to use the fellowship to support her summer research. She works in condensed matter theory with a focus on understanding the nature of magnetism in a magnetic field. Recently, she is also involved with interpreting the thermal transport in frustrated magnetism.

Yuting Wang

Wang wins 2017 Larkin Fellowship

Yuting Wang won the 2017 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship. Wang is originally from China. She plans to use the fellowship to support my summer study. Her research is focused on finite size effect around topological phase transitions.

Jiaming Zheng

Zheng wins 2016 Larkin Fellowship

Jiaming Zheng won the 2016 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship.

Han Fu

2015 Han Fu

Han Fu won the 2015 Larkin Fellowship. Her research focuses on the electronic physics in nano-systems such as nanotubes, nanocrystals and nanoclusters. Her adviser is Professor Boris Shklovskii. She plans to use the fellowship to study the electron distribution around donor nanoclusters in SrTiO3 (STO). She is originally from China.

2014 Xin Li

Xin Li won the 2014 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship.

Mike Schecter

2013 Mike Schecter

Mike Schecter is originally from Linwood, MI. His interests lie in the realm of theoretical condensed matter physics. His main focus aims towards the nature of superfluidity and quantum transport in reduced dimensions, with an emphasis on the dynamics of foreign particles (impurities) in quantum liquids. Such systems are realized and probed experimentally using ultra-cold atomic gases. After graduation, he plans to work as a post-doctoral researcher. He plans to use the fellowship for summer research funding, as well as to help fund trips to physics conferences and summer schools.

Tianran Chen

2012 Tianran Chen

Tianran Chen won the 2012 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship. She studies condensed matter theory under Professor Boris Shklovskii. She plans to use the fellowship for summer research. She is originally from Hangzhou, China.

Peter Koroteev

2011 Peter Koroteev

Peter Koroteev won the 2011 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship. He is originally from Tula, Russia. Arkady Vainshtein is his adviser in the area of supersymmetric quantum field theories and string theory.


2010 Matt Parker

Matt Parker won the Anatoly Larkin Fellowship.

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