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Physicists strategize in Minnesota

More than 600 particle physicists met at the end of July to discuss the future of their field at the Snowmass 2013 Conference held at the University of Minnesota. The conference included talks about upcoming directions in particle fields, a Physics Slam where scientists competed for the approval of the audience and a public lecture by Nobel Prize winning physicist Saul Perlmutter on Dark Energy. More »


Physics Force at the State Fair

The Physics Force will perform at the State Fair, at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 31. The shows will take place on the U of MN stage, on Dan Patch Ave. More »

On August 30, the School of Physics and Astronomy will be featured in the state fair.


Gherghetta Returns to the School

Tony Gherghetta will be re-joining the School as a Professor in August 2013. Since 2008, Tony Gherghetta has been a Professor and Australian Research Council Federation Fellow in the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne. He has also been a Visiting Professor in the Physics Department at Stanford University since 2010. More »

New Faculty Fiona Burnell joins the School

Fiona Burnell is joining the School of Physics and Astronomy as an assistant professor. After receiving her bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics at the University of British Columbia, Burnell earned her doctorate in physics from Princeton University under Professor Shivaji Sondhi. More »

Physics Slam Image.jpg

Physics Slam! A Science Competition so Hot, They Had to Put It On Ice!

Join hundreds of physicists from across the country for a physics event so hot, they had to put it on ice! The Physics Slam is on Friday, August 2, 2013 at 8 p.m. in the Ridder Arena at the University of Minnesota. More »

MINOS Far Detector at the Soudan Underground Laboratory

Soudan Underground Laboratory named top geek getaway

The Soudan Underground Laboratory was named the number one nerd roadtrip by Popular Science Magazine. Check out Soudan Mine Braces for Nerd Invasion for the rest of the story.


Rusack featured in Minnesota Monthly profile

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Roger Rusack was featured in Minnesota Monthly as part of a series called "Minnesota Miracles." The profile is about his participation in the search for the Higgs boson. More »


Minnesota physicists contribute to discovery of apparent four-quark particle

Physicists in the School of Physics and Astronomy are members of one of the two groups that recently reported the discovery of an intriguing new particle state named Zc(3900). This exceedingly short-lived particle has physicists excited because it presents an unexpected twist in the Standard Model of particle physics, which is the playbook for how the building blocks of matter fit together. More »

NOvA Far Detector Building

NOvA Far Detector Named Top Project

The Twin Cities business magazine, Finance and Commerce, named the NOvA Far Detector building in Ash River, Minnesota as one of the top building projects of 2012. There were more than 70 nominees and the laboratory was one of 26 honored, and one of only two out-state projects to make the list.

Mikahil Shifman

Shifman wins Pomeranchuk Prize

Professor Mikahil Shifman will receive the 2013 Pomeranchuk Prize, an international award for theoretical physicists given by the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics in Moscow. Shifman was cited "for outstanding results in nonperturbative quantum field theory."

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