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Brandon Bergerud

2013 Brandon Bergerud

Brandon Bergerud is originally from Fergus Falls Minnesota. He has worked with Prof. Rudnick on a couple projects dealing with radio galaxies and looking for the 10^5 K gas component in galaxy clusters. He will be participating in a REU program at Bucknell University this summer looking for brown dwarfs and extra-solar planets. Brandon plans on using the award for studying abroad at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology during the coming academic year.

Yeonbae Lee

2013 Yeonbae Lee

Yeonbae Lee is originally from South Korea. Under Prof. Allen Goldman's supervision, he studies superconductor-insulator transition driven by carrier density modulation, adapting field effect transistor scheme. Yeonbae uses a new exotic material called " Ionic Liquid", with which higher charge carrier transfer is possible, compared to the conventional metal-oxide field effect transistor. “I would like to thank Dr. Rahman for this honorable opportunity and award. I plan to use the award to visit my family in Korea after graduation this summer."

Chaoyun Bao

2013 Chaoyun Bao

Chaoyun Bao is originally from Hefei, China. The focus of her research is cosmic microwave background polarization Her advisor is Professor Shaul Hanany. Chaoyun plans to use the award to help fund future conference/workshop travels.

Sener Ozonder

2013 Sener Ozonder

Sener Ozonder is originally from Turkey. The focus of his research is calculating the initial conditions for the very first moments of the Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) created in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC, BNL and LHC, CERN. He uses effective models based on Quantum Chromodynamics. The initial conditions such as the initial energy density determines the later evolution of QGP as it expands. The expanding QGP has features that are similar to the Big Bang. Sener’s advisor is Prof. Joseph Kapusta. He plans to use the fellowship for support during the summer while he is writing his dissertation.

Hieu Nguyen

2013 Hieu Nguyen

Hieu Nguyen is originally from Vietnam. His research is stochastic vector field simulation used in magnetohydrodynamics simulation in astrophysical objects. His research advisor is Professor Thomas Jones. Hieu plans to use the award money to cover tuition.

Xiangwei Tang

2013 Xiangwei Tang

Xiangwei Tang is originally from China. Her research focuses on observations of magnetic field reconnection at the Earth's dayside magnetopause and the associated plasma waves using data from Polar, Cluster and THEMIS satellites. Her advisor is Cynthia Cattell. Xiangwei plans to use the award money to fund a statistical study of the roles of waves in magnetopause reconnection using THEMIS data this summer.

Mike Schecter

2013 Mike Schecter

Mike Schecter is originally from Linwood, MI. His interests lie in the realm of theoretical condensed matter physics. His main focus aims towards the nature of superfluidity and quantum transport in reduced dimensions, with an emphasis on the dynamics of foreign particles (impurities) in quantum liquids. Such systems are realized and probed experimentally using ultra-cold atomic gases. After graduation, he plans to work as a post-doctoral researcher. He plans to use the fellowship for summer research funding, as well as to help fund trips to physics conferences and summer schools.

Joseph Redford

2012 Joseph Redford

Joseph Redford won a 2012 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He works on the NOvA project under Nathaniel Pearson, building a neutrino detector.
He plans to use the award to pay for my tuition. He is originally from Brandon, South Dakota.

Yeonbae Lee

2012 Yeonbae Lee

Yeonbae Lee won the 2012 Hoff Lu Fellowship. Lee is an international student from Korea. His research involves in studying Superconductor-Insulator transition in very thin film configurations such as indium oxides, under the supervision of Prof. Allen Goldman. He uses an exotic material called "Ionic Liquids" to control the charge carrier density of the system. The award will provide summer research support, which will substitute for his current financial supports as an RA.

Andrew Emerick

2012 Andrew Emerick

Andrew Emerick won the 2012 J. Morris Blair Scholarship. His research is in the formation and evolution of galaxy clusters first with Lawrence Rudnick and currently with Tom Jones. He is currently studying the evolution of the magnetic field contained within the diffuse gas that is present throughout a given galaxy cluster. He plans to use his award money to pay for tuition next year. He is originally from Dearborn, MI, but his family now lives in Katy, TX.

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