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Student Award

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Kevin Sebesta

Sebesta wins 2018 T.A. Award

Kevin Sebesta won the 2018 Mentor T.A. Appreciation Award. Sebesta is originally from Lake Zurich, IL. He plans to put the award money towards savings. His research area is cosmology.

Argha Banerjee

Banerjee wins 2018 T.A. Award

Argha Banerjee won the 2018 Mentor T.A. Appreciation Award.

Xiaojun Fu

Fu wins 2018 T.A. Award

Xiaojun Fu won the 2018 Mentor T.A. Appreciation Award.

Michael Revering

Revering wins 2018 T.A. Award

Michael Revering won the 2018 Mentor T.A. Appreciation Award. Revering is originally from Minneapolis. He plans to use the award money to buy a large glass whiteboard for his living room. He is most focused on high energy particle research, and works with the CMS group.

Yilikal Ayino

Ayino wins 2018 Pepin Fellowship

Yilikal Ayino won the 2018 Pepin Fellowship.

Sharan Banagiri

Banagiri wins 2018 Lu Fellowship

Sharan Banagiri won the 2018 Hoff Lu Fellowship. Banagiri is originally from India. He plans on using the award money for research support during the summer of 2018. His area of research is detection and analysis of gravitational waves. His focus is on stochastic gravitational wave backgrounds and long duration gravitational wave transients.

Andrea Andrik

Andrik wins 2018 Holt Scholarship

Andrea Andrik won the 2018 Holt Scholarship in Physics.

Nina Bielinski

Bielinski wins 2018 Oswald Scholarship

Nina Bielinski won the 2018 Oswald Scholarship in Physics. Bielinski is originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her plan for the award money is to purchase equipment for her thesis project on high-temperature superconducting cuprates using torque magnetometry. Bielinski studies condensed matter physics with Professor Martin Greven.

Andrea Walker

Walker wins Blair Scholarship

Andrea Walker won the 2018 J. Morris Blair Scholarship in Physics.

Andrea Walker

Walker wins 2018 Basford Scholarship

Andrea Walker won the 2018 Jeffrey Basford Scholarship in Physics.

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