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Molly Andersen

Andersen wins 2017 Hagstrum Award

Molly Andersen won the 2017 Hagstrum Award. Andersen is from Mendota Heights, MN. She plans to put the award money towards tuition on her final (part-time) semester before she graduates in December. She works in Professor Laura Gagliardi's computational chemistry lab on identifying promising solar cell materials.

Lance Davis wins 2017 Edmond Franklin Scholarship

Lance Davis won the 2017 Edmund Franklin Scholarship. He is originally from Zimmerman, Minnesota. With this scholarship, he will be able spend more hours on academic and research work rather than other jobs.
His current research focus is in Heliophysics. Davis is working on finding the differences between interplanetary shocks with a clear shock ramp and those with a turbulent shock ramp. Ideally, these differences will lead the scientists to finding what causes these different types of shocks.

Argha Banerjee

Bannerjee wins 2017 Outstanding T.A. Award

Argha Banerjee won a 2017 Outstanding T.A. Award. Banerjee is originally from Calcutta, India. With the award money, he plans on "buying some good books on theoretical physics which I have always wanted to buy and some quirky ones like Gamow's 'Mr Tompkins in Wonderland'." He is mostly interested in theoretical early universe cosmology such as the physics of inflation and in physics beyond the standard model such as Supersymmetry.

Sam Penders

Penders wins 2017 Frankllin Scholarship

Sam Penders won a 2017 Edmund Franklin Scholarship. He is originally from Apple Valley, Minnesota. He plans to use the scholarship to help cover the cost of tuition. He is interested in high energy physics, and plans to pursue a Ph.D in theoretical particle physics. More »

Eliott Imhoff

Imhoff wins Franklin Scholarship

Elliott Imhoff won a 2017 Franklin Scholarship. He is originally from Madison, WI. "Even though it took somewhat of a crisis of identity to throw off my Badger heritage and become a Gopher, I was able to do it and am extremely happy with my decision." He plans on using this money to pay for school. "Not super original, I know, but because I'm a computer science and physics double major, it's going to take me five years to graduate, with this award doing a lot to ease that burden." More »

Jesse Grindstaff

Grindstaff wins 2017 Blair Award

Jesse Grindstaff won the 2017 Morris J. Blair Scholarship. He is from Chaska, Minnesota. He plans to use the scholarship to help pay for his tuition so that he can continue to study physics. His research is in computational physics, doing monte carlo simulations of complex systems.

Caner Unal

Unal wins the Aneesur Rahman Award

Caner Unal won the 2017 Aneesur Rahman Award. He is originally from Turkey. Unal's research is in theoretical cosmology and particle physics with emphasis on the early universe.

Vikram Nagarajan

Nagarajan wins 2017 Hagstrum Award

Vikram Nagarajan won the 2017 Hagstrum Award. He is originally from Plymouth, MN. He plans to use the award money to help my move to UC Berkeley. His research interest is Condensed Matter Physics.

Pedro Angulo-Umana

Angulo-Umana wins 2017 Marquit Scholarship

Pedro Angulo-Umana won the 2017 Erwin Marquit and Doris Grieser Marquit Undergraduate Scholarship. He was born in Costa Rica and grew up in Bentonville, Arkansas. He plans on using the award money to help pay for his undergraduate degree. His research is focused on theoretical physics and mathematical physics.

Chun Chen

Chen wins 2017 Rahman Award

Chun Chen won the 2017 Aneesur Rahman Award. He is originally from Shanghai, China. He plans to spend the award money to attend academic conferences and workshops. His research expertise is on condensed matter theory, in particular, the interaction effects on low-dimensional topological superconducting systems and more recently, the critical phenomena of many-body localization phase transition.

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