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Registered students without registered clickers
modified 5-Oct-2017 at 11:19AM by J. Woods Halley

Our records indicate that students with student IDs
listed below are registered for the course but are not
identified with a clicker device and the records are not
attributing clicker responses to them. Clicker scores are
extra credit and you are not required to make clicker
responses. However if you have been making clicker responses and are on this list, the most likely reason is
that you have not registered your clicker device. Follow
the instructions in the syllabus for registering your clicker device. That is likely to fix the problem. This
list will be updated approximately weekly for a few weeks so
you can watch it to see if your ID disappears after you have registered your device. Updated 10/5/17


devices not identified with registered students
modified 5-Oct-2017 at 11:39AM by J. Woods Halley

We are receiving clicker responses from the following
devices which are not attributed to any student registered
in the course. If your device is on this list and your
student ID is on the preceding list, the likely cause is that you have not registered your clicker. Follow the instructions in the syllabus for registering your clicker.
That should fix the problem. If you are on one of these
lists and not on the other, send your clicker ID, student ID and full (first and last) name to and
I will try to find the problem.
Updated 10/4/17


modified 6-Sep-2017 at 4:08PM by J. Woods Halley

Please open the pdf file to read the syllabus.
Several corrections of dates for quizzes, final and laboratories
have been made in this version of the syllabus, posted at 4pm,
September 6.

syllabusfall17.pdf | Download posted 6-Sep-2017 at 4:06PM

First set of lecture slides
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2nd set of lecture slides
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3rd set of lecture slides
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4th set of lecture slides
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review for test 1
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5th set of lecture slides
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