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Solid-State Physics for Engineers and Scientists

Problem Sets
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Week 1
posted 16-Jan-2018 at 6:01PM by Paul Crowell

Reading: Kittel, Chapters 1 and 2
Alternatives: Simon, Chapters 12 and 13, Ashcroft and Mermin (A&M), Chapters 4 - 7

We will spend the first two weeks on "structure and symmetry," with an emphasis on the important crystalline systems and the notion of reciprocal space. I am not going to emphasize the mathematical aspects of symmetry, such as point groups and space groups. If you are interested, Ashcroft and Mermin address these (slightly) in their Chapter 7.

The first problem set is posted. Because we are interleaving the first couple lectures on quantum mechanics, I may adjust the due date, but for the moment assume it is due Thursday, January 25.