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Solid-State Physics II

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posted 18-Dec-2019 at 9:44AM by Boris Shklovskii

SYLLABUS, 8712, Solid State Physics, Spring 2019, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3.35 pm, Room Tate B65. Prerequsite: 4211 or 5701 or similar Introductory Solid State Physics course. Office hours: M-F after 1pm, Tate 210, Phone: 625-0771, Email: is based on weekly homework grades. Text: B.I. Shklovskii, A.L.Efros, "Electronic properties of doped semiconductors", Springer, Heidelberg, 1984, below I use SE to refer to this book. Paperback edition of SE is available from Amazon for $90. The electronic file of SE is available from my web page COURSE OUTLINE 1. Structure of Isolated Impurity States in Semiconductors (SE1). 2. Heavily doped and lightly doped semiconductors (SE3 and SE12). 3. Statistical Physics of Electron Gas in Semiconductors. Screening in Semiconductors. 5. Optical Properties of Semiconductors. Excitons. 4. Scattering mechanisms in semiconductors. Transport properties of bulk semiconductors. 6. Weak localization, Mesoscopics. 7. Disorder and Strong Localization of Electronic States (SE2). 8. Percolation theory (SE5). 9. Anderson and Mott transitions (SE2). 10. Hopping Transport-introduction (SE3, 4). 11. Theory of Hopping Transport (SE6-9). 12. Compensated semiconductors. Topological insulators. 13. Semiconductor devices. MOSFET, Heterostructures. 14. Two-dimensional Electron gas (2DEG). Wigner Crystal in 2DEG 15. Integer Quantum Hall Effect. 16. Fractionalization and Fractional Quantum Hall Effect. 17. Point contact and Ballistic Transport. Quantum dots.