University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 4621.001

Introduction to Plasma Physics

Session: Fall 2014 (9/02-12/10)
Instructor: Robert Lysak (e-mail: lysak001 @
Time: 1220 MWF
Location: Phys 236A

This is an introductory course in plasma physics. Topics covered in this course include basic properties of collisionless, magnetized plasmas, single particle motion, plasmas as fluids, waves in plasmas, equilibrium, instabilities, mechanisms for particle energization, kinetic theory, shocks, magnetic reconnection, and other nonlinear processes. We will discuss examples of plasma processes in laboratory, fusion, space physics, and astrophysical plasmas. Physics 4002 or equivalent is a pre-requisite. Course requirements will include problem sets, a mid-term and final and the completion and presentation of a project and paper illustrating some of the principles used in the course.

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