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Fall 2015 Physics Classes

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Class Title Type Instructor Location Times
Phys 1001W.100Energy and the Environment RSSLecture plus LaboratoryWest Bank Skyway 201325 MWF
Phys 1101W.100Introductory College Physics I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251325 MWF
Phys 1101W.200Introductory College Physics I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251745 TTh
Phys 1201W.100Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine I RSSLecture plus Discussion and Laboratory
John Capriotti
Willey Hall 1251010 MTWF
Phys 1201W.200Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251220 MTWF
Phys 1202W.100Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine II RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251430 MTWF
Phys 1301W.100Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1250800 MTWF
Phys 1301W.300Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251115 MTWF
Phys 1301W.500Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251640 MTWF
Phys 1301W.600Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251745 MW
Phys 1302W.100Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering II RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1250905 MTWF
Phys 1401V.001Honors Physics I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWest Bank Skyway 201115 MTWF
Phys 1501V.001Honors Introduction to Mechanics RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryHubert H. Humphrey Center 301115 MTWF
Phys 1905.001Freshman Seminar RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2101430 T
Phys 1905.002Freshman Seminar RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2101010 MW
Phys 1910W.001Freshman Seminar: Writing Intensive RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1201325 TTh
Phys 2201.001Introductory Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics RSSLectureWest Bank Skyway 200905 MWF
Phys 2503.001Physics III: Intro to Waves, Optics, and Special Relativity RSSLectureWilley Hall 1251535 MTWF
Phys 2503H.001Honors Physics III RSSLecture plus DiscussionAppleby Hall 3191115 MTWF
Phys 2605.001Quantum Physics Laboratory RSSLecture plus LaboratoryPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101220 T
Phys 3071W.001Laboratory-Based Physics for Teachers RSSLaboratory
Nancy Bresnahan
Bruininks Hall 131B0905 MW
Phys 3071W.002Laboratory-Based Physics for Teachers RSSLaboratoryBruininks Hall 131B1220 MW
Phys 3993.001Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 3993.002Directed Studies RSSIndependent StudytbaNo Room Required1325 M 1640 Th
Phys 3994.001Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 4001.100Analytical Mechanics RSSLecture plus DiscussionRapson Hall 451325 MWF
Phys 4041.001Computational Methods in the Physical Sciences RSSLaboratoryPhysics & Nanotechnology 1200800 MTWTh
Phys 4051.001Methods of Experimental Physics I RSSLecture plus LaboratoryMechanical Engineering 1081430 MWF
Phys 4101.001Quantum Mechanics RSSLecture plus DiscussionBell Museum Auditorium1115 MWF
Phys 4201.001Statistical and Thermal Physics RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1101010 MWF
Phys 4303.001Electrodynamics and Waves RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1200905 MWF
Phys 4501.001Experimental Project RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 4611.001Introduction to Space Physics RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1100900 TTh
Phys 4950H.001Senior Thesis RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 4993.001Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 4994.001Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 5001.001Quantum Mechanics I RSSLecture plus DiscussionPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101115 MW
Phys 5011.001Classical Physics I RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1101325 TTh
Phys 5072.001Best Practices in College Physics Teaching RSSDiscussionKeller Hall 2-2601535 M
Phys 5201.001Thermal and Statistical Physics RSSLecture
Jorge Vinals
Chris Conklin
Physics & Nanotechnology 1101030 TTh
Phys 5950.001Colloquium Seminar RSSLecturetbaBruininks Hall 2301535 Th
Phys 5970.001Physics Journal Club RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 2101535 F
Phys 5980.001Introduction to Research Seminar RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101640 F
Phys 5993.001Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 5994.001Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 8001.001Advanced Quantum Mechanics RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1201115 MW
Phys 8012.001Quantum Field Theory II RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2100900 TTh
Phys 8200.001Seminar: Cosmology and High Energy Astrophysics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101245 M
Phys 8300.001Seminar: Biological and Medical Physics. RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1201010 W
Phys 8333.001FTE: Master's RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 8444.001FTE: Doctoral RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 8500.001Plan B Project RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 8501.001General Relativity and Cosmology I RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1301155 TTh
Phys 8600.001Seminar: Space Physics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1201220 T
Phys 8666.001Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credits RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 8700.001Seminar: Condensed Matter Physics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101325 W
Phys 8711.001Solid-State Physics I RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1101640 TTh
Phys 8777.001Thesis Credits: Master's RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 8800.001Seminar: Nuclear Physics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1201115 F
Phys 8888.001Thesis Credit: Doctoral RSSLecturetbatbatba
Phys 8900.001Seminar: Elementary Particle Physics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101535 W
Phys 8901.001Elementary Particle Physics I RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1201640 MW
Phys 8994.001Research in Physics RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba