University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 4052W.001

Methods of Experimental Physics II

Session: Spring 2015 (1/20-5/08)
Instructor: Clement Pryke (e-mail: pryke @
Instructor: Elias Puchner (e-mail: epuchner @
Time: 1115 MWF
Location: Phys 133

This is the second part of a two semester sequence on experimental techniques that are used in a research laboratory. Students put into practice the techniques studied during the first semester by carrying out pre-designed laboratories, and by designing, planning, and executing an experimental project of their choice. This course emphasizes electronics, data processing, computer programming, and data analysis techniques. In addition the course emphasizes the writing of scientific research reports suitable for publication as well as their oral presentation. The course is designed for physics majors, and other students who are interested in mastering modern laboratory techniques. The knowledge and skills gained in Physics 4051 are required to enter this course.

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