University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Nuclear Physics Seminar

Tuesday, November 27th 2018
11:15 am:
Nulear Physics Seminar in Physics 301-20 Tate
Speaker: Fabian Rennecke, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Subject: Strangeness Neutrality and the Phase Structure of QCD

Since the incident nuclei in heavy-ion collisions do not
carry strangeness, the global net strangeness of the detected hadrons
has to vanish. We show that there is an intimate relation between
strangeness neutrality and baryon-strangeness correlations. In the
context of heavy-ion collisions, the former is a consequence of quark
number conservation of the strong interactions while the latter are
sensitive probes of the character of QCD matter. We investigate the
sensitivity of baryon-strangeness correlations on the freeze-out
conditions of heavy-ion collisions by studying their dependence on
temperature, baryon- and strangeness chemical potential. The impact of
strangeness neutrality on the QCD equation of state at finite chemical
potentials will also be discussed. We model the low-energy sector of
QCD by an effective Polyakov loop enhanced quark-meson model with 2+1
dynamical quark flavors and use the functional renormalization group
to account for the non-perturbative quantum fluctuations of hadrons.

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