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Wednesday, September 9th 2015
Speaker: Masahiro Takimoto
Subject: Singlino Resonant Dark Matter

We consider a Dark Matter scenario in a singlet extension model of the Minimal Supersymmetric
Standard Model, which is known as nMSSM. We find that with high-scale supersymmetry breaking,
the singlino can obtain a sizable radiative correction to the mass. This opens a
Dark Matter scenario with resonant annihilation via the exchange of the Higgs boson.
We show that the current Dark Matter abundance and the Higgs boson mass can be
explained simultaneously. This scenario can be probed by XENON1T.
We also mention the possibility of Electroweak Baryogenesis at high temperature in this model.
If there exist vector like matters coupled to the singlet multiplet, the thermal effects deform
the Higgs potential at high temperature which derives a first order phase transition.
We show that a strong first order phase transition can occur when the temperature is around
the supersymmetry breaking scale, which can be TeV scale.

This talk is based on
K. Ishikawa, T. Kitahara and M. Takimoto,
``Singlino Resonant Dark Matter and 125 GeV Higgs Boson in High-Scale Supersymmetry,''
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, no. 13, 131801 (2014)
[arXiv:1405.7371 [hep-ph]].
K. Ishikawa, T. Kitahara and M. Takimoto,
``Towards a Scale Free Electroweak Baryogenesis,''
Phys. Rev. D 91, no. 5, 055004 (2015)
[arXiv:1410.5432 [hep-ph]].

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