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Monday, October 5th 2015
12:45 pm:
Speaker: Projjwal Banerjee, University of Minnesota
Subject: Stellar Origin of $^{10}$Be and a Low-Mass Supernova Trigger for the Formation of the Solar System

The abundances of short-lived radio-isotopes (SLR) in the early solar system (ESS) measured in meteorites provide crucial information about the events leading to the formation of the solar system. However, the origin of several of these SLR in the ESS is still uncertain. We show that one of the key SLR ^{10} Be can be made by neutrino-induced spallation during a core-collapse supernova (CCSN) in contrast to the current paradigm of ^{10} Be production exclusively by cosmic rays. In addition to ^{10} Be, we find that a recent low-mass CCSN, that occurred ~ 1 Myr before the Solar system formation, can self-consitently account for the ESS abundance of other SLRs such as ^{41} Ca, ^{107} Pd, ^{53} Mn, ^{60} Fe while also producing significant amounts of ^{26} Al, ^{36} Cl, ^{182} Hf, ^{135} Cs, and ^{205} Pb. This makes such a low-mass CCSN an attractive candidate for the event that triggered the formation of the solar system.

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