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Wednesday, April 15th 2015
3:35 pm:
Speaker:  Reinhardt Schuhmann, Physical Review Letters
Subject: Physical Review Letters - managing a peer review journal
Refreshments served in Room 216 Physics after colloquium

Dr. Schuhmann is the Managing Editor of Physics Review Letters. Physical Review Letters receives ~11000 submissions per year, and publishes about 1/4 of them. Editors decide what to publish with extensive input from peer review, with roughly 70% of manuscripts reviewed. My talk will outline of how PRL manages peer review for such volume, with examples from correspondence, while it remains the premier physics journal. It is the most cited physics journal, with a Letter cited roughly every 90 seconds. PRL faces many challenges, however, as the publishing trends in some areas of physics shift, for example to smaller, less comprehensive, or more interdisciplinary venues. I will discuss some of these challenges, and what PRL is doing, and plans to do, to maintain a competitive journal that covers the full arc of physics. I would greatly appreciate your feedback and questions during and after the talk.

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