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Thursday, January 29th 2015
Speaker: James Unwin (Notre Dame U.)
Subject: High Scale Supersymmetry and F-theory GUTs

In the absence of New Physics at the TeV scale, GUTs still provide a
good motivation for supersymmetry at higher scales. Notably, it is
typically non-trivial to UV complete GUTs into string theory, but one
promising possibility is found in F-theory. I shall argue, therefore,
that considerations from string theory should play a central role in
the construction of such models of high scale supersymmetry.
Specifically, F-theory GUTs lead to calculable UV threshold
corrections to the running of the gauge couplings, which can in
principle improve the precision of unification. I will examine the
prospect of precision unification in models of F-theory High Scale
Supersymmetry and the experimental constraints on this model
from the non-observation of proton decay. Further, I will discuss
to what extent the proton lifetime can be extending due to the
localization of X,Y gauge bosons in higher dimensions.

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