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Friday, October 20th 2017
Speaker: Stefania Gori (U. Cincinnati)
Subject: Novel windows into the dark sector

Dark Matter (DM) provides strong evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model (SM). Arguably, rather than suggesting a specific mass scale for New Physics, it may point to a dark sector, weakly-coupled to the SM, as hinted at by the comparable abundances of dark matter and visible baryons. In the past few years, a program of new experiments has expanded DM searches far beyond the WIMP paradigm to include new hidden forces and matter. While this program has made impressive progress, there are considerable challenges that must be overcome to fully explore the viable dark sector scenarios over a wide range of mass scales. In this talk, I will discuss on the one hand the unprecedented opportunity to test electroweak scale dark sectors using high-energy experiments, and in particular the high-luminosity LHC. On the other hand, I will present new search strategies to test lighter dark sectors at low-energy high-intensity experiments, with a special emphasis on existing and planned experiments at Fermilab.

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