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Friday, November 8th 2019
2:30 pm:
Speaker: Randolf Klein, SOFIA Science Center
Subject: SOFIA: Recent Results and Upcoming Opportunities in Airborne Astronomy

NASA/SOFIA/E. Lopez Rodriguez, NASA/Spitzer/J. Moustakas
NASA/SOFIA/E. Lopez Rodriguez, NASA/Spitzer/J. Moustakas
SOFIA, the only facility currently allowing access to the full infrared wavelength range, is in its 7th observing cycle and can look back on an impressive list of discoveries and research conducted with this airborne observatory. I will present recent results and some classics to showcase SOFIA’s capabilities and scientific productivity. The science topics range from planetary science and circum-stellar disks over astro-chemistry and processes in the interstellar medium to star formation in our and other galaxies and active galactic nuclei.

The capabilities of SOFIA are growing over time as new instruments are commissioned. The newest instrument, the far infrared camera and polarimeter HAWC+, has already published significant findings on magnetic fields in a wide range of objects.

Also the SOFIA data archive is growing with regular and science demonstration observations and SOFIA Legacy Programs. Access will become easier through IRSA and the SOFIA Science Center is improving support for archive research.
The presentation will wrap up with an overview over the capabilities of SOFIA making these discoveries possible pointing out that these capabilities are available to the community through the annual proposal calls.

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