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Monday, February 18th 2019
3:35 pm:
Speaker: David Caratelli (FNAL)
Subject: Neutrinos in High Definition

Thanks to advances in detector technology and the advent of powerful neutrino sources, neutrino physics in the past decade has rapidly moved to an era of precision measurements. With these new tools, we hope to shed light on their curious properties, and address fundamental questions on the fabric of our universe. In this seminar I will talk about how the MicroBooNE experiment is using a new detector technology to understand an anomaly in neutrino physics that has motivated many interesting phenomenological models. The talk will describe the MicroBooNE experiment, a short-baseline neutrino detector sitting in a ~1 GeV beam, and the status of the measurement of electron neutrino
interactions. I will focus on illustrating how the study of electromagnetic activity in LArTPC detectors enables MicroBooNE’s study of electron neutrino interactions as well as the broader neutrino oscillation physics program to be carried out at Femilab. Finally, I will describe how low-energy electromagnetic signatures can expand this detector technology’s physics reach to explore BSM physics and astrophysical signatures.

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