University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy


Chris Nolting with young students at outreach event
Astrophysics graduate student, Chris Nolting demonstrates a Van de Graaff generator for middle schoolers at an outreach event.

Here are a few examples of the way in which the School of Physics and Astronomy reaches out to the surrounding world:

  • The Physics Force is a group of Physics and Astronomy professors and high school teachers who put on a physics circus of dynamic and entertaining demonstrations for area school children and the general public.

  • Astronomy Outreach activities: The Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics runs Universe in the Park, Observation Nights, Minnesota Starwatch, school presentations and more.

  • Research Opportunities for Undergraduates (REU) is a ten-week summer research program for physics undergraduates open to students from around the country as well as Minnesota.

  • QuarkNet is a five-day workshop for physical science teachers designed to help bring the world of particle physics into high schools.

  • Society of Physics Students do outreach events with fun physics demonstrations appropriate for all ages.

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