University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy


The Particle Adventure - an interactive tour of particle physics for everyone: the basics of theory and experiment.
Virtual Visitor Center of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.
Probing Particles A comprehensive and straight-forward introduction to particle physics.
Big Bang Science Approaches particle physics starting from the theoretical origin of the universe.
History of Neutrinos Everything you ever wanted to know about neutrinos.
Hands-On CERN An introduction to particle physics theory and experiments.
Physics 2000 An interactive journey that touches on quantum physics.
A bibliography of Particle Physics Educational Materials A listing of useful books and articles.
Particle Data Group An international group that summarizes and reviews particle physics.
CERN Courier Latest news of Particle Physics
Searching for the Building Blocks of Matter An online exhibit on Fermilab's successful search for the bottom and top quarks.
Fermilab's Chain of Accelerators A site that explains the accelerators at Fermilab.
Anatomy of the Detector A video about how the CDF detector works.
Inquiring Minds The science of matter, space and time.
The Second String Theory Revolution a theorist takes us through the ideas and technical aspects of superstrings.
The Official String Theory Web Site Learn about the all the different facets of Super String Theory "It's the 21st century --- time to feed your brain!


OnScreen Particle Physics Particle-chamber simulation software for use in the classroom (Mac & Windows 95/NT).
The Neutrino Mass Toy A Java applet which allows you to experiment with neutrino mass matrices and mixing scenarios.
SciTech Hands On Science Center
The Fermilabyrinth An Interactive website featuring educational games about Particle Physics and FermiLab.


U.S. Particle Physics Educations and Outreach Info on more than 170 programs.
European Particle Physics Outreach Group Info on institutions and educational programs of the CERN member states in Europe.
Contemporary Physics Education Project Produces charts, brochures, web features, and classroom activities. Creators of The Particle Adventure.
Physics FAQ Includes answers to some interesting particle physics questions.
CERN's Press Office Pictures Database Images of anything from bubble chamber tracks to specific devices and experiments.

Classroom Activities

Particle Physics Activities A set of seven, each with a worksheet and description and teacher info.
Top Quark Activity Introduction An exercise showing you how to use conservation of momentum and energy to calculate the mass of the Top quark.


The OPAL experiment Also studying Z boson decay at LEP (CERN): Detector, Events
The ATLAS and CMS Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
D and CDF Physics Summaries "Plain English" summaries of results and publications.


Neutrino Mass Discovered at Super-Kamiokande.
Discovery of Top Quark Announced Fermilab press release

Humor! See adorable, cute, quarks shake their bottoms as they bounce around to some fun, mind-numbingly cool music.
If you know of other humorous particle physics websites, let us know!

National Laboratory Education Programs

Fermilab Read articles describing the lab, what it does, and the programs it provides. Don't miss High energy Physics Made Painless, as well as their pages for educators and students.
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Describes the Center's studies and some accelerator basics. Also, check out their Virtual Visitor Center - very cool.
Brookhaven National Laboratory Provides educational programs in conjunction with the Lab.
Jefferson Lab (CEBAF) Internships and classroom resources
Berkeley Center for Particle Astrophysics A description of the center's research.
Physics and Education at Cornell's CESR Virtual tours of experiments, as well as info on fundamentals and theory.

Women and Minorities in the Sciences

Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics Cites their work and publications.

Other Interesting Educational and Informational Sites

General Physics

Physics Central Learn how your world works. The American Physical Society's site for the public.
IPPEX Interactive pages on fusion, matter, energy, magnetism, and energy.
The ABC's of Nuclear Science A brief introduction to Nuclear Science, looking at Antimatter, Beta rays, Cosmic connection and much more.
PhysicsWeb The Internet Guide To Physics - an excellent site with expansive links.
University of Oregon Virtual Laboratory A library of Java applets which illustrate different fields of physics, including Mechanics, Energy and the Environment, Astrophysics, and Thermodynamics.
Cambridge Relativity Focuses on different known and theoretical characteristics of our cosmos, plus a section on quantum gravity.


U. C. Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations A collection of diagrams for constructing physics demonstrations.


Physlink History, news, humor, and a lot more.
"Top" University Scientists Do Teach A New York Times article showing that university professors do succeed in teaching at the same time as they do ground breaking research.


American Institute of Physics Education Newsletter "Summarizes information on resources, national initiatives, outreach programs, grants, professional development opportunities, and publications related to physics and science education." (AIP) Also check out their Physics News Update, an archived weekly account of new discoveries.
Physical Science Resource Center Sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers.


Hands on Universe Pictures from optical and radio telescopes, taken by student request.
Nobel Laureates in Physics 1901-present descriptions of the discoveries and the people that won the award.
Albert Einstein Online Everything you ever wanted to know about one of the world's foremost physicists.
The Laws List Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, & experiments. Projects, programs, and television shows which often deal with science and physics.


Hot Spots: Physics A collection of links, each with full descriptions.