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All phone numbers are in area code 612 unless otherwise noted.

Name AscContact InfoAreas of Interest
photo.jpg Sean Albiston
Education Program Spec
WMSONH 101 (office), 625-3598
sean @
JennyAllanweb.jpg Jenny Allan
Communications Specialist
PAN 250 (office), 624-2852
curti016 @
PanelPrototype-small.jpg Daniel Jessen Ambrose
PAN 424 (office), 6126247861
PAN 450 (lab)
ambr0028 @
Particle Physics
Eileen Amos
Executive Accounts Specialist
Soudan Mine (off-campus), 218-753-8990
amosx003 @
staff photo.jpg Brian Andersson
Education Program Spec
WILLEYH 115 (office), 624-6584
banders @
Francois Aubin
PAN 313 (office)
faubin @
headshot.jpg Annie Bartels
Admin Associate 2 Supervisor
FRASERH 354 (office), 624-7053
barte113 @
BenBayman.jpg Benjamin Bayman
Emeritus Faculty, Professor
MCNAMARAC 160/150 (office), 624-0309
bayman @
Theoretical nuclear physics; nuclear structure; direct nuclear reactions; relativistic Coulomb excitation
Alberto Benvenuti
Adjunct Professor
benvenut09 @
imagedb.html.jpeg Jianming Bian
Adjunct Professor
PAN 424 (office), 624-7861
bianjm @
FullSizeRender.jpg Nicholas Bjorgo
Electronics Technician
Soudan Mine (off-campus), 218-753-6611
ndborgo @
victor3web.jpg Victor Boantza
Assistant Professor (History of Science & Technology)
MCNAMARAC 147-2 (office)
boantza @
History of Science
Kevin Booth
Research Professional
PAN 370 (office), 612-624-2831
booth135 @
DSC_6908.jpg Jesse Bren
End User Support
PAN 370 (office), 624-5040
PAN 383 (lab)
bren0288 @
DSC_9146.jpg Aaron Breneman
SHEPLAB 145 (office), 625-4518
awbrenem @
Space Physics
BroadhurstLarge.jpg John Broadhurst
Emeritus Faculty, Professor
MCNAMARAC 150 (office), 624-2502
SHEPLAB 75 (lab)
broad010 @
The process of human hearing, using locally induced nuclear reactions to enhance the treatment of cancers by high energy (Mev) photons or thermal neutrons. The role of heavy cations in controlling contracting muscle cells..
BurnellHeadshotSmall.jpg Fiona Burnell
Assistant Professor
PAN 315 (office), 624-0319
fburnell @
Exotic phases of matter-- phases not described by the conventional Landau classification based on broken symmetries.
Charles Cadeau
Senior Electronics Technician
NOvA Ash River Lab (off-campus)
218-374-2400 ext.2004 (lab)
crcadeau @
IMG_5494.JPG Charles E. Campbell
PAN 419 (office), 624-4141
campbell @
The many-body theory and statistical mechanics of quantum spin systems and of strongly correlated quantum fluids.
Alicia Canfield
Executive Ofc and Admin Spec
WBOB 130-4 (office), 612-625-6055
canf0019 @
Cattell_picture.jpg Cynthia Cattell
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
AMUNDH 385 (office), 626-8918
cattell @
Space plasma physics; magnetic and electric field measurements; auroral particle acceleration; particle acceleration and wave processes in Earth’s radiation belts; non-linear plasma physics; magnetic reconnection and shocks.
Jeffrey Chaffin
Physics Major, Research Professional
chaf0026 @
Rajdeep Chatterjee
PAN 423 (office)
rchatter @
Yan Chen
chen @
Morten Christensen
Post-Doctoral Associate
PAN 232 (office)
mchrist @
Condensed Matter
AndreyChubukov.jpg Andrey Chubukov
(Fine Theoretical Physics Institute)
PAN 216 (office), 612-626-0726
achubuko @
Condensed Matter
Kristina Cibuzar
Student Services Prof
WMSONH 145 (office), 612-624-7375
cibuzar @
colpitts head.jpg Chris Colpitts
SHEPLAB 148 (office), 626-8361
chris @
Space plasma physics, wave-particle interactions
Lee Copeland
Student Admin/Support Services
PAN 250 (office)
copel123 @
HansCourant.jpg Hans Courant
Emeritus Faculty
MCNAMARAC 150 (office), 624-9361
hans @
Accelerator and non-accelerator elementary particle physics at the Soudan Underground Research Facility, and at Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 1.41.26 PM.png Dan Cronin-Hennessy
PAN 346 (office), 624-9079
PAN 450 (lab)
hennessy @
CP Violation, Quark Mixing, Neutrino Oscillation, Flavor Violation
hddjfaib.jpg Paul Crowell
PAN 220 (office), 624-4828
PAN 283 (lab), 626-9371
crowell @
Spin dynamics and transport in ferromagnets and ferromagnet-semiconductor heterostructures.
prisca_greece3_cut.jpg Priscilla Cushman
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
PAN 327 (office), 626-8917
prisca @
Dark matter searches, novel particle detectors, collaborative work in integrative tools for Underground Science, low background techniques
C:\Documents and Settings\DanD\My Documents\Dan D 4.jpg E. Dan Dahlberg
PAN 219 (office), 624-3506
PAN 10 (lab), 424-4058
dand @
Condensed Matter
davidson.jpg Kris Davidson
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
kd @
Derksnew.jpg George Derks
Laboratory Machine Specialist
derks001 @
Dickey John Dickey
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
john.dickey @
Radio Spectroscopy of the Milky Way and other galaxies.
Hugh Dickinson
hdickins @
DombeckWeb.jpg John Dombeck
SHEPLAB 148 (office), 626-8361
johnd @
Space Physics
Alexander Engel
engel692 @ umn.eduSpace plasma simulations and data visualization coding
Emma Evans
Research Professional
PAN 432 (office), 624-1534
eevans @
picture_fernandes_2013.jpg Rafael Fernandes
Assistant Professor
PAN 242 (office), 612-625-9283
rfernand @
Strongly correlated electron systems. Unconventional superconductivity. Competing phases and emergent order. Disorder effects in quantum phase transitions.
lucy fortson.jpg Lucy Fortson
Associate Professor and SPA Associate Head (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
PAN 354 (office), 624-9587
fortson @
High-energy astrophysics, gamma-ray astronomy, extragalactic astronomy including active galactic nuclei and barred spirals; Developing online citizen science as a method to solve research problems with large datasets; physics education research.
Erich Frahm
Senior Engineer
PAN 423 (office), 612-301-2339
frahm @
Particle Physics
ShelleyFrankel.jpg Shelley Frankel
Executive Ofc and Admin Spec
PAN 212 (office), 612-301-1816
shelley @
mf_portrait.jpg Matthew Fritts
PAN 323 (office), 624-4806
PAN 43 (lab), 624-6046
fritts @
astroparticle physics, cosmology, cryogenics
IMG_2142.jpg Marianna Gabrielyan
PAN 350 (office)
mgabriel @
Experimental Particle Physics, Neutrino Physics
DSE-14018.jpg Eric Ganz
Associate Professor
PAN 319 (office), 624-2386
ganzx001 @
Calculations of the properties of novel Materials
David Garenne
Post-Doctoral Associate
PAN 484 (office), 612 626 8085
david.garenne @
imageGehrz.jpg Robert Gehrz
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
SHEPLAB 533 (office), 624-7806
SHEPLAB 544 (lab), 626-2067
gehrz @
gherghetta.jpg Tony Gherghetta
WBOB 130-9 (office), 301-9198
tgher @
Physics beyond the Standard Model; LHC phenomenology; Supersymmetry; Extra dimensions; AdS/CFT and holography.
BGmug.jpg Bill Gilbert
Electromechanical Systems Spec
PAN 423 (office), 624-4870
wgilbert @
Particle Physics
GlesenerProfileWeb.jpg Lindsay Glesener
Assistant Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
SHEPLAB 193 (office), 612-624-8392
SHEPLAB 404 (lab)
glesener @
Solar and space physics, high-energy astrophysics, astronomical instrumentation development
Saksham Goel
Student Adminstrative Assistant
PAN 250 (office)
goelx029 @
Keith Goetz
Research Director
SHEPLAB 598 (office), 624-3520
goetz @
Space Physics
Goldman Allen Goldman
Regents Professor
PAN 226 (office), 624-6062
PAN 20, 30 (lab)
goldman @
Properties of superconductors and selected magnetic materials in the configuration of thin films.
Greven 200x292.jpg Martin Greven
PAN 218 (office), 624-7542
PAN 264, 270, 276 (lab), 626-9668
greven @
Experimental condensed matter physics. High-temperature superconductivity. Low-dimensional magnetism. Crystal growth of quantum materials. Neutron and X-ray scattering. Charge transport.
halley.jpg J. Woods Halley
SHEPLAB 181 (office), 624-0395
SHEPLAB 496 (lab)
woods @
Condensed matter and chemical physics theory, simulation and experiment with an emphasis on interfaces and models of prebiotic evolution.
Hanany Shaul Hanany
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
PAN 316 (office), 626-8929
PAN 388 (lab), 625-1074
hanany @
Observational Cosmology; Early Universe Physics
Hegerweb.jpg Alexander Heger
Adjunct Professor
alexander.heger @ monash.eduMassive and very massive stars, the first stars, stellar rotation, nucleosynthesis, supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, X-ray bursts.
KenHeller.jpg Kenneth Heller
PAN 348 (office), 624-7314
PAN 450 (lab)
heller @
Research in high energy particle physics currently focuses on neutrino oscillations as measured in long baseline accelerator experiments. Research in physics education focuses the use, learning, and teaching of problem solving in physics.
RussCynthiaIMG_0032Crop1.jpeg Russell Hobbie
Emeritus Faculty
hobbie @ umn.eduMy interest is in biological and medical physics.
CClabweb.jpg Cheng-Cher Huang
PAN 230 (office), 624-0861
huang001 @
Condensed Matter
Humphreys Roberta Humphreys
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
MCNAMARAC Suite 160, Room 146-1 (office), 624-6530
roberta @
Luminous stars, stellar evolution, optical spectroscopy, galactic structure
IntoyWeb.jpg Ben Frederick Intoy
Post-Doctoral Associate
SHEPLAB 191 (office)
bmintoy @
Non-equlibrium physics, Complex systems, evolutionary game theory.
MichelJannsen.jpg Michel Janssen
MCNAMARAC 143 (office), 624-5880
janss011 @
History of physics, especially the relativity and quantum revolutions in the early twentieth century.
Walter Johnson
Emeritus Faculty
cork @ umn.eduMeasurement of Atomic Masses
picture_of_me_2.jpg Terry J. Jones
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics), Dir. Graduate Studies
FRASERH 353 (office), 624-8009 626-2067
SHEPLAB 554 (lab)
tjj @
Astronomical polarimetry, Infrared astronomy, Comets and Interstellar Magnetic Fields.
Jones Thomas W. Jones
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
MCNAMARAC 144 (office), 624-1699
twj @
Theoretical and computational astrophysics, acceleration of cosmic rays, physics of diffusive shock acceleration, magnetohydrodynamics, galaxy clusters and the intracluster medium, radio galaxy dynamics, supernova remnant dynamics [Research Group Web Pag
kakalios.jpg James Kakalios
PAN 352 (office), 624-9856
PAN 381 (lab), 626-7479
kakalios @
Experimental Condensed Matter: Amorphous Semiconductors, Fluctuation Phenomena in Neurological Systems, Segregation in Granular Media
Kamenev Alex Kamenev
(Fine Theoretical Physics Institute)
PAN 228 (office), 626-0724
kamenev @
Theoretical condensed matter physics, disordered systems and glasses, field-theoretical treatment of many-body systems, mesoscopic systems, out of equilibrium systems
Jian Kang.jpg Jian Kang
PAN 232 (office)
kang @
strongly correlated electron system, including high Tc superconductivity, magnetism, and etc.
kapusta10.jpg Joseph Kapusta
Professor/Director of Graduate Studies
MCNAMARAC Suite 160 Rm. 147-1 (office), 624-0506
kapusta @
Quantum field theory at finite temperature and density with applications to high energy nuclear collisions, astrophysics, and cosmology.
PaulKellogg.jpg Paul Kellogg
SHEPLAB 135 (office), 624-1668
pauljkellogg @
WIN_20170209_18_40_00_Pro (2).jpg Avraham Klein
PAN 225 (office)
ayklein @
Dynamics of strongly correlated systems, classical and quantum hydrodynamics, quantum statistics in disordered systems
Michael Knox
WALIB 428 (office), 626-9224
mikeknox @
Jennifer-Kroschel.jpg Jennifer Kroschel
Assistant To Student Programs
WMSONH 145B (office), 624-1625
jkrosche @
YKheadweb.jpg Yuichi Kubota
PAN 428 (office), 624-9582
PAN 470 (lab), 301-2339
yk @
I am interested in finding clues to the future theory of particles which will extend our current understanding. So far from three years of data collection (2010-2012) and analysis, evidence for neither SUSY nor extra dimension has been found.
Curtis Lerol
Pln/Eng/Sft Prof 4 Sup No Entr
Soudan Underground Lab (off-campus), 218-753-6611
lerol001 @
YangmuLi.jpg Yangmu Li
Research Specialist
PAN 252 (office), 625-8309
PAN 270 (lab)
yl @
Condensed Matter
Lysaknew.jpg Robert Lysak
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
AMUNDH 383 (office), 625-1323
lysak @
Theoretical Space Plasma Physics, especially magnetospheric physics; auroral particle acceleration; dynamics of ultra-low-frequency (ULF) waves in the magnetosphere, especially kinetic Alfven waves; magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling; dynamics of field-ali
VuknewWeb.jpg Vuk Mandic
Associate Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
PAN 328 (office), 624-6844
mandic @
Gravitational Wave Physics, Observational Cosmology, Early Universe Physics
Dane Mandy
Student Admin/Support Services
WBOB 130 (office)
mandy015 @
2012_jmm_library_small.jpg Jeremiah Mans
Associate Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies
PAN 427 (office), 625-8994
PAN 475 (lab)
jmmans @
Hadron collider physics at the high energy frontier, trigger and data acquisition electronics.
marvin3web.jpg Marvin Marshak
Professor/Director of Undergrad Research at U of MN
PAN 330 (office), 624-1312
marshak @
Properties of fundamental interactions, including measurement of neutrino mass, tests of stability of matter (proton decay); high energy cosmic ray physics and astrophysics.
Andrew Matas
PAN 323 (office)
aamatas @
Konrad Mauersberger
Emeritus Faculty
mauersberger @
Jerry Meier
Pln/Eng/Sft Prof 4 Sup No Entr
Soudan Mine (off-campus), 218-753-6611
meier @
Particle Physics
FullSizeRender (4).jpg William Miller
Pln/Eng/Sft Mgr 1 No Entry
NOvA Far Detector Lab (off-campus), 218-374-2400
whmiller @
Aaron Mislivec
misli002 @
Steve Monson-1 9-12-14.jpg Steven J. Monson
Researcher 5
SHEPLAB 592A (office), 624-5591
SHEPLAB 592 (lab)
monson @
Space Physics
Jochen Mueller
PAN 418 (office), 625-4369
PAN 487 (lab)
mueller @
Experimental biophysics, two-photon excitation microscopy, fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
396.PNG Hajime Muramatsu
PAN 424 (office), 624-7861
OMWL 450 (lab)
muramatsu @
Particle Physics
julie1.jpg Julie Murphy
Assistant to the Head for Human Resources
PAN 250A (office), 625-6928
jjmurphy @
Human resources and communications.
MegMurray.jpg Meghan Murray
Coordinator (Fine Theoretical Physics Institute)
WBOB 130-11 (office), 624-8367
murray @
trombinoscope_musset.jpg Sophie Musset
Post-Doctoral Associate
SHEPLAB 146 (office), 612-624-7375
smusset @
Amy Nastrom Nordlander
Executive Accounts Specialist
PAN 250 (office), 626-8104
nast0002 @
Maria Navarro Gastiasoro
PAN 232 (office)
mnavarro @
Noireaux photo.jpg Vincent Noireaux
Associate Professor
PAN 416 (office), 612-624-6589
PAN 484 (lab), 612-626-8085
noireaux @
Experimental biological physics and synthetic biology. In vitro gene expression, development of quantitative cell-free transcription/translation systems, biophysics of a synthetic cell system.
Shervin Nourbakhsh
CERN (office)
snourbak @
Particle Physics
OliveWeb.jpg Keith Olive
Professor (Director, Fine Theoretical Physics Institute and Member, Minnesota Insitute for Astrophys
WBOB 130-10 (office), 624-7354
olive @
Cosmology/Particle Physics
GinnyOlson.jpg Virginia (Ginny) Olson
Assistant to the Head for Finance
PAN 250 (office), 624-5786
ginny @
IMG_20161116_160420.jpg Subramania Athiray Panchapakesan
Post-Doctoral Associate
SHEPLAB 146 (lab)
spanchap @
Solar and Planetary studies in high energies, X-ray instrumentation
Pawloskiweb.jpg Gregory Pawloski
Assistant Professor
PAN 344 (office), 624-7592
pawloski @
Neutrino oscillation, Matter-antimatter asymmetries, Physics beyond the standard model
Lauren Pearce
WBOB 130-1 (office)
lpearce @
Peloso Marco Peloso
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
WBOB 130/9 (office), 624-6525
peloso @
Astroparticle physics, Inflation, Cosmology of extra-dimensions, Physics beyond the Standard Model
Pepin Robert Pepin
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
SHEPLAB 421 (office), 624-0819
SHEPLAB 214 (lab), 624-6001
pepin001 @
natalia.jpg Natalia Perkins
Associate Professor
MCNAMARAC 147-3 (office), 301-6786
nperkins @
Strongly correlated electron systems. Frustrated magnetism. Orbital physics. Competing phases and emergent order in systems with strong spin-orbit coupling.
PhotoFB.JPG Earl Peterson
Emeritus Faculty
eap @ physics.umn.eduMy research interests are centered on experimental tests of grand unified theories, the neutrino sector of the standard model and high-energy cosmic-ray observations.
John Phillips
phillij @
Christopher Plumberg
Post-Doctoral Associate
MCNAMARAC Ste 160 - Rm 142 (office)
cplumber @
ron1.jpg Ronald Poling
Professor, Head of School of Physics and Astronomy
PAN 421 (office), 624-7870
poling @
Particle Physics
PribiagWeb.jpg Vlad Pribiag
Assistant Professor
PAN 214 (office), 612-301-1817
PAN 353 (lab)
vpribiag @
My research focuses on quantum electronic transport in low-dimensional semiconductor systems.
Prykeweb.jpg Clement Pryke
Associate Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
PAN 318 (office), 624-7578
PAN 382 (lab)
pryke @
Astrophysics and Cosmology--Cosmic microwave background
Elias Puchner.jpg Elias Puchner
Assistant Professor
PAN 413 (office), 6123012326
PAN 481 (lab)
epuchner @
Cellular and molecular biophysics, cell- and synthetic biology. Single molecule and super-resolution microscopy (PALM/STORM). Single molecule force spectroscopy (AFM).
yong-zhong qian.jpg Yong-Zhong Qian
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
MCNAMARAC 144-1 (office), 624-7567
qian @
Nuclear/particle astrophysics and cosmology: neutrino oscillations and their effects in astrophysical environments, supernova explosion and nucleosynthesis, chemical evolution of galaxies
reich.png Konstantin Reich
PAN 225 (office)
reich @
Transport and optical properties of arrays of nanocrystals, SrTiO3, electronic and phononic physics of low dimensional structures
MyPhoto1.jpg Ioannis Rousochatzakis
PAN 225 (office)
rousocha @
Condensed Matter
Nicole Ruckstuhl
ruckstah @
serge-rudaz.jpg Serge Rudaz
MCNAMARAC 148-1 (office), 624-5022
rudaz @
Unified theories of elementary particle interactions and their phenomenology, applications to cosmology and astroparticle physics;
kpic.gif Keith Ruddick
Emeritus Faculty
ruddick @
High energy particle interactions; nucleon decay; neutrino interactions; high energy cosmic rays; detector development.
LarryRudnick.jpg Lawrence Rudnick
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
FRASERH 352 (office), 624-3396
larry @
Interactions of astrophysical relativistic plasmas in supernova remnants and clusters of galaxies with thermal plasmas from 10^4 to 10^7K. Studied through radio, X-ray and optical observations.
Cameron-Rulten-Web.jpg Cameron Rulten
PAN 351 (office)
rulten @
Astrophysics and Cosmology
RogerRusack.jpg Roger Rusack
PAN 430 (office), 624-2322
rusack @
I carry out accelerator based experiments to understand the fundamental forces in Nature.
David Saranen
Digital Equipment Service Spec
Soudan Mine (off-campus), 218-753-6611
saranen @
Particle Physics
Scott Sawyer
MaintenceOperations Mechanic
NOvA Ash River Lab (off-campus)
sasawyer @
Photo on 2011-02-23 at 13.44.jpg M. Claudia Scarlata
Assistant Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
PAN 612 (office), 626-1811
scarlata @
Galaxy formation and evolution: massive galaxies, evolution of galaxy structure. Lyα line as a cosmological tool: escape of Lyα photons, large-scale structure, Lyα blobs. Reionization: Lyman continuum escape fraction, IR background fluctuations
MyPic.jpg Michael Schuett
PAN 232 (office), 301-1154
mschuett @
Non-equilibrium properties and transport in critical, interacting and disordered many-body systems. Novel properties exhibited in materials when exposed to a rapidly changing environment.
robert_schwarz.jpg Robert Schwarz
rschwarz @ Astrophysics and Cosmology
AlanShapiro.jpg Alan Shapiro
Emeritus Faculty
MCNAMARAC 160 (office), 624-5770
ashapiro @
Ya-Msk.jpg Mikhail Shifman
(Fine Theoretical Physics Institute)
WBOB 130-8 (office), 626-0723
shifman @
Gauge field theories at strong coupling and supersymmetric field theories in various dimensions; supersymmetric solitons and solitons at the interface of high energy physics and condensed matter.
boris-alt.jpg Boris Shklovskii
(Fine Theoretical Physics Institute)
PAN 222 (office), 625-0771
shklovsk @
Theory of transport and electron-electron correlations in disordered systems, quantum Hall effect, hopping conduction, metal-nonmetal transition and transport in nano-crystal films.
Andrea Simenstad
andrea @ Astrophysics and Cosmology
EVAN.COS.jpg Evan Skillman
Professor/Director (Minnesota Insitute for Astrophysics)
FRASERH 335 (office), 624-9523
skillman @
Extragalactic Observational Astronomy; Specializing in: Chemical Evolution of Galaxies, Structure and Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies, H II Region Abundances, Star Formation, Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, Cluster Galaxies
0050-2 (3).jpg Elizabeth Smith
Post-Doctoral Associate
PAN 420 (office), 612-301-9543
PAN 481 (lab)
esmith @
Super-resolution microscopy, Single molecule fluorescence.
Emily Smith
WMSONH 130B (office)
es @
Yan Song
Researcher 7
AMUNDH 380 (office), 624-4053
yan @
Space Physics
Angela Stehr
Executive Ofc and Admin Spec
MCNAMARAC 160 (office), 301-8303
stehr002 @
MetteMarie Stewart
Finance Professional
PAN 250 (office), 626-6509
mette @
photo 1.png Matthew Strait
PAN 332 (office), 612-624-0511
Fermilab WH12 (lab), 630-840-4031
strait @
Neutrino oscillations. Neutrinoless double beta decay. Supernovae.
Andrea_headshot.jpg Andrea Stronghart
Executive Ofc and Admin Spec
PAN 321 (office), 612-624-7886
astrong @
Stuewer.jpg Roger H. Stuewer
Emeritus Faculty
MCNAMARAC 150 (office), 624-5770
rstuewer @
History of Science
sullivanchad.png Chad Sullivan
LINDH 414 (office), 612-626-4723
sull0153 @
Yau-Chien Tang
Emeritus Faculty
tang @
ScottThaller.jpg Scott Thaller
SHEPLAB 145 (office), 624-6804
thaller @
Space Physics
Terry-web.jpg Terry Thibeault
Program/Project Specialist, Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics
FRASERH 345 (office), 624-4811
tt @
IMG_0416web.jpg Arkady Vainshtein
(Fine Theoretical Physics Institute)
WBOB 130-7 (office), 626-0814
vainshte @
Theory of fundamental interactions: gauge theories, supersymmetry. Operator product expansion and its applications.
DSC_0245crop.jpg Oriol T. Valls
MCNAMARAC 148-2 (office), 624-0516
otvalls @
Superconducting and Magnetic Proximity Effects in F/S nanostructures; Exotic forms of superconductivity; Charge and Spin Transport in F/S nanostructures; Superfluid Hydrodynamics; Dynamics of quantum Crystals.
anv2.jpg Anthony Villano
PAN 323 (office), 624-4806
villaa @
Astrophysics and Cosmology, Particle Physics
VinalsWeb.jpg Jorge Vinals
MCNAMARAC Suite 160 (room 148-3) (office), 624-9074
vinals @
Pattern formation outside of thermodynamic equilibrium. Nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation, and chaos. Defect motion in soft matter and in complex fluids such as block copolymers and nematic suspensions.
William Voje
Helium Liquifier
PAN 68 (office), 625-8552
PAN 70 (lab), 626-7895
vojex001 @
IMG_0487web.jpg Mikhail Voloshin
(Fine Theoretical Physics Institute)
WBOB 130-6 (office), 625-0798
voloshin @
Properties of elementary particles. Gauge theories of strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions. Non-perturbative dynamics of quantum fields.
JakeWaddington.jpg Cecil J. Waddington
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
SHEPLAB 149 (office), 624-2566
wadd @
Cosmic Ray physics
TomWalsh.jpg Thomas Walsh
MCNAMARAC 146-2 (office), 624-1371
tfw @
Phenomenology of Quantum Chromodynamics and the Standard Model; Lattice Gauge Theory; Astroparticle Physics; Energy Sources in 2100
Wick-web.jpg Kurt Wick
Senior Scientist
PAN 370 (office), 624-2831
wick @
Thomas Wieber
Camp Ops/Protect Prof
NOvA Ash River Lab (off-campus)
218-374-2400 x2008 (off-campus)
trwieber @
Liliya Williams Web Profile Picture.jpg Liliya L.R. Williams
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
FRASERH 333 (office), 624-1084
llrw @
Cosmology; distribution of dark matter; properties of dark matter halos; gravitational lensing; formation of structure
phys2015.png Charles E. Woodward
Professor (Minnesota Insitute for Astrophysics); Coordinator LBTO
SHEPLAB 327 (office), 624-0254/626-2067
SHEPLAB 554 (lab)
woodw024 @
Solar system comets; classical novae and CVs; evolved stellar populations, National/International Space and Research Policy
Paul Woodward
Professor (Minnesota Insitute for Astrophysics); Director, LCSE
WALIB 428 (office), 625-8049
paul @
Darryl Wright
wrightd @
Wygantweb.jpg John Wygant
Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)
wygan001 @
Experimental Space Plasma Physics: Shock waves; aurora; magnetic field reconnection; mechanisms for relativistic particle acceleration.
whoami.jpg Aaron Wynveen
Teaching Associate Professor
SHEPLAB 397 (office), 612-625-9072
wynveen @
Condensed matter, soft matter, and biophysical theory and computation.
Yu, Guichuan.jpg Guichuan Yu
PAN 246 (office), 624-9015
yu @
X-ray and neutron scattering studies of the high-Tc superconductors. Crystal growth and characterization. Torque magnetometry.
WilliamZimmerman.jpg William Zimmermann
Emeritus Faculty
SHEPLAB 149 (office), 624-4387
PAN 376 (lab), 624-0262
zimme004 @
Experimental study of superfluidity in liquid 4He and 3He/4He mixtures.
MichaelZudov.jpg Michael Zudov
PAN 224 (office), 626-0364
PAN 42 (lab), 624-2076
zudov @
Quantum transport in quantum Hall systems