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Asad Aboobaker

PAN 313 (office), 624-0673
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Asad is a California native who, through a cruel twist of fate, ended up in Minnesota. He is a postdoc in the department working on the EBEX experiment, a balloon-borne millimeter-wave telescope to study the faint afterglow of the Big Bang. When not in Tate, he can often be found playing bass guitar his band or biking around the Twin Cities. He is widely known around the department for his amusing t-shirts.

Summary of Interests
Cosmic Microwave Background instrumentation, balloon experiments, cryogenics [Research Web Page]

About My Work

As of April 2014, I have moved to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

I was a postdoc working on EBEX: The E and B EXperiment. The goal of EBEX is to make a map of the Cosmic Microwave Background polarization at an unprecedented sensitivity level, combining a large focal plane of sensitive transition-edge sensor bolometers with a 10-14 day long-duration balloon flight from the Antarctic while modulating the incoming polarization signal with a continuously-rotating half-wave plate.

We have had a successful long-duration Antarctic balloon flight in December 2012 and are currently hard at work analyzing the data.

A video of the balloon launch can be seen here:


B.A., University of California, Berkeley, 2000
Ph.D., Princeton University, 2006