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Victor Boantza

Associate Professor (History of Science & Technology)

TATEH 130-29 (office)
vboantza @ •


Selected Publications

Victor Boantza, Matter and Method in the Long Chemical Revolution: Laws of Another Order., Ashgate.

Victor Boantza & M.Dascal, Controversies Within the Scientific Revolution., John Benjamins Publishing.

Victor D. Boantza, Alkahest and Fire: Debating Matter, Chymistry, and Natural History at the Early Parisian Academy of Sciences., Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Volume 25, 2010, pp 75-92. [abstract]

Victor Boantza, The Phlogistic Role of Heat in the Chemical Revolution and Kirwan's ‘Ingenious Modifications … into the Theory of Phlogiston., Annals of Science, 65 (2008), 309–338.


PhD University of Toronto;
MA University of Toronto;
MA Ben-Gurion University.