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Theodore Jacobson

TATEH 301-03 (office)
jaco2585 @

Summary of Interests
High energy theory

Selected Publications

Theodore Jacobson, Tonnis ter Veldhuis, Non-Perturbative One-Loop Effective Action for QED with Yukawa Couplings, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 33 (2018) 27, 1850157

Sean P. Bartz, Theodore Jacobson, Chiral phase transition at finite chemical potential in 2+1 -flavor soft-wall antiā€“de Sitter space QCD, Physical Review C 97, 044908

Sean P. Bartz, Theodore Jacobson, Chiral Phase Transition and Meson Melting from AdS/QCD, Physical Review D 94, 075022


B.A. Macalester College 2018, Physics and Mathematics