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Allison Kennedy

PAN 324 (office)
PAN 43 (lab), 612-624-6046
kennedy @

Summary of Interests
I am interested in particle physics with a current emphasis on dark matter.

About My Work

I am currently working under Prof. Mandic in the SCDMS project. I use the k100 dilution fridge for testing Ge and Si prototype detectors for use in the upcoming SCDMS SNOLAB experiment. I also work on Monte Carlo simulations of k100, and SCDMS Soudan, as well as data analysis for both Soudan data and data at our detector testing facility.

Selected Publications

R. Agnese et al. (CDMS Collaboration), Dark matter effective field theory scattering in direct detection experiments, Phys. Rev. D 91, 092004 (2015) [abstract]

R. Agnese et al. (CDMS Collaboration), Improved WIMP-search reach of the CDMS II germanium data, Phys. Rev. D [abstract]

R. Agnese et al. (CDMS Collaboration), First direct limits on Lightly Ionizing Particles with electric charge less than e/6, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 111302 (2015) [abstract]


B.A. Macalester College
M.S. University of Minnesota