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Erwin Marquit

Professor Emeritus

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About My Work

I have been interested in the scientific methodology on the basis of which fundamental concepts in physics are formed. This has led me into the interface between philosophy and physics, which I attempt to approach with a dialectical-materialist scientific methodology. In the course of this effort, I have found that the dialectical-materialist methodology has been inadequately developed in a number of areas. Since the methodology has been more fully developed in the social sphere I have interested myself in its application to both society and nature (Marxist studies). My research therefore extends over a wide range of areas. A selection of my papers on dialectical materialism and the physical and other natural sciences can be found on my University of Minnesota home page:


Doctor of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Warsaw, 1963.
Master of Physics, University of Warsaw, 1957.
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, City College of New York, 1948.