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David Morse

Graduate Faculty (Chem Eng & Mat Sci)

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Co-chair, MRS symposium on”Complex Fluids and Polymers” (1999); Co-Chair of Society of Rheology symposium on “Molecular Level Modelling and Theory,”Co-organizer of 5 month workshop on “Dynamics of Complex and Macromolecular Fluids” at the UCSB Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (2002), Co-Chair of Society of Rheology symposium on “Stiff Chains: Biopolymers, Polyelectrolytes, and LCPS.”Program Chair for the APS Division of Polymer Physics (DPOLY) for the APS March meeting (2005).

Summary of Interests
Theoretical and computational study of the statistical mechanics of polymer liquids and other soft materials. Block copolymer self-assembly. Dynamics and non-equilibrium response of solutions of semiflexible biopolymers. Surfactant systems. Correlation

Selected Publications

Amit Ranjan, Jian Qin, and D.C. Morse, “Linear Response and Stability of Ordered Phases of Block Copolymers”, Macromolecules (2008)

Piotr Grzywacz, Jian Qin and D.C. Morse, “Renormalization of the One-Loop Theory of Fluctuations in Polymer Blends and Diblock Copolymer Melts,”, Phys. Rev. B (2007)

S. Ramanathan and D.C. Morse, “Simulations of Dynamics and Viscoelasticity in Highly-entangled Solutions of Semiflexible Rods,”, Phys. Rev. E (2007)

Chris Tyler, J. Qin, F.S. Bates, and D.C. Morse, “SCFT Study of Non-Frustrated ABC Triblock Copolymer Melts,, Macromolecules (2007)

D.C. Morse, “Diffusion of Copolymer Surfactant to a Polymer/Polymer Interface”, Macromoecules (2007)


B.A. (physics), Cornell University, 1986.
Ph.D. (physics), University of Pennsylvania, 1991