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Vincent Noireaux

Associate Professor

PAN 416 (office), 624-6589
PAN 484 (lab), 626-8085
noireaux @ • http://www.noireauxlab.orgcurriculum vitae


Field: experimental biological physics, cell-free synthetic biology.

PhD: movement of the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, a model of cell motility. A biomimetic system was used to understand actin-based motility in living cells.

Postdoc: in vitro gene expression, synthetic gene circuits and artificial cell system.

Past lab members: Zekun Deng, Ruoqi Tang, Nadezda Monina, Jonghyeon Shin, Jerome Chalmeau

Summary of Interests
Experimental biological physics and synthetic biology. In vitro gene expression, development of a cell-free transcription/translation molecular programming platform, artificial cell system.

Advisees and Collaborators

Jonathan Garamella, Research Assistant
Ryan Marshall, Research Assistant
Mark Rustad, Research Assistant
Harison Wiesman, Teaching Assistant

Selected Publications

Caschera, F., Noireaux, V., Synthesis of 2.3 Mg/Ml of Protein with an All Escherichia Coli Cell-Free Transcription-Translation SYSTEM, __Biochimie 99, 162-168__(2013)_

Shin, J., Jardine, P., Noireaux, V., Genome replication, synthesis and assembly of the bacteriophage T7 in a single cell-free reaction, ACS Synthetic Biology, DOI: 10.1021/sb300049p (2012)

Shin, J., Noireaux, V., An E. coli cell-free expression toolbox: application to synthetic gene circuits and synthetic cell, ACS Synthetic Biology, DOI: 10.1021/sb200016s (2012)

Maeda, Y., Nakadai, T., Uryu, K., Noireaux, V., Libchaber, A., Assembly of MreB Filaments on Vesicular Membranes: A Synthetic Biology Approach, ACS Synthetic Biology, DOI: 10.1021/sb200003v (2012)

Noireaux, V., Maeda, Y., Libchaber, L., Development of an artificial cell, from self-organization to computation and self-reproduction, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 108: 3473-3480 (2011)

Karzbrun, E., Shin, J., Bar-Ziv, R., Noireaux, V., Coarse-grained dynamics of protein synthesis in a cell-free system., Phys. Rev. Letters 106:048104 (2011)

V. Noireaux and Albert Libchaber, A Vesicle Bioreactor as a Step Toward an Artificial Cell Assembly, PNAS 101, 17669-17674 (2004) [abstract]

V. Noireaux, R. Bar-Ziv, A. Libchaber, Principles of Cell-free Genetic Circuit Assembly, PNAS 100, 12672-12677 (2003) [abstract]

B. Dubertret, P. Skourides, D.J. Norris, V. Noireaux, A.H. Brivanlou, A. Libchaber, In Vivo Imaging of Quantum Dots Encapsulated in Phospholipids Micelles, Science 298, 1759-1762 (2002) [abstract]

J. Fradelizi, V. Noireaux, J. Plastino, B. Menichi, D. Louvard, C. Sykes, R.M. Golsteyn, E. Friederich, ActA and the Human Zyxin Harbour Arp2/3 Complex Independent Actin Polymerisation Activity, Nature Cell Biology 3, 699-707 (2001) [abstract]

V. Noireaux, R. M. Golsteyn, E. Friederich, J. Prost, C. Antony, D. Louvard, C. Sykes, Growing an Actin Gel on Spherical Surfaces, Biophy. J. 78, 1643-1654 (2000) [abstract]


Ph.D. University Paris XI (France), 2000
B.S. Physics, Tours University (France), 1994