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Christopher Nolting

TATEH 201-02 (office)
nolt0040 @ • vitae

Summary of Interests
Numerical Simulation, Radio Galaxies, Dynamics of the Intracluster Medium, Galactic Dark Matter Halos, Exoplanetary Searches

Selected Publications

Jones, T. W.; Nolting, Chris; O'Neill, B. J.; Mendygral, P. J., Using collisions of AGN outflows with ICM shocks as dynamical probes, Physics of Plasmas [abstract]

Mendygral, P. J.; Radcliffe, N.; Kandalla, K.; Porter, D.; O'Neill, B. J.; Nolting, C.; Edmon, P.; Donnert, J. M. F.; Jones, T. W., WOMBAT: A Scalable and High-performance Astrophysical Magnetohydrodynamics Code, The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series [abstract]

Nolting, Chris; Williams, Liliya L. R.; Boylan-Kolchin, Michael; Hjorth, Jens, Testing DARKexp against energy and density distributions of Millennium-II halos, Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics [abstract]


B.S. (Summa Cum Laude), Astrophysics, University of Minnesota, 2014.
B.S. Physics, University of Minnesota, 2014.