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Michael Schuett

Coulomb interaction in graphene: Relaxation rates and transport
M. Schütt, P. M. Ostrovsky, I. V. Gornyi, and A. D. Mirlin , Phys. Rev. B

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We analyze the inelastic electron-electron scattering in undoped graphene within the Keldysh diagrammatic approach. We demonstrate that finite temperature strongly affects the screening properties of graphene, which, in turn, influences the inelastic-scattering rates as compared to the zero-temperature case. Focusing on the clean regime, we calculate the quantum scattering rate which is relevant for dephasing interference processes. We identify a hierarchy of regimes arising due to the interplay of a plasmon enhancement of the scattering and finite-temperature screening of the interaction. We further address the energy relaxation and transport scattering rates in graphene. We find a nonmonotonic energy dependence of the inelastic relaxation rates in clean graphene, which is attributed to the resonant excitation of plasmons. Finally, we discuss the temperature dependence of the conductivity at the Dirac point in the presence of both interaction and disorder. Our results complement the kinetic equation and hydrodynamic approaches for the collision-limited conductivity of clean graphene and can be generalized to the treatment of physics of inelastic processes in strongly nonequilibrium setups.