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Siddarth Reddy Karuka

Optical Studies of Poly(9,9-di-(2-ethylhexyl)-9H-fluorene-2,7-vinylene) and its Nanocomposites
S. Layek, M. Ghosh, K. Siddarth Reddy, S. Senapati, P. Maiti, S. Sinha, Journal of Applied Spectroscopy

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Steady state and time-resolved spectroscopic measurements are carried out to understand the fl uorescent optical properties of the conjugated polymer poly(9,9-di-(2-ethylhexyl)-9H-fl uorene-2,7-vinylene) (PFV) in liquid phase and solid phase. Quite signifi cant color tuning is observed in the fl uorescence emission of PFV in the blue side of the spectra in the solid phase, especially in powder form, when the polymer is doped with 30B nanoclay (organically modifi ed Montmorillonite) and graphene nanoparticles. Interestingly, the average fl uorescence lifetime of PFVgraphene nanocomposite in thin fi lm is found to be much higher (8.1 ns) compared to that for PFV only in thin fi lm (3 ns). These novel nanocomposites may have potential applications in polymer optoelectronics industry