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Marco Peloso

WBOB 130/9 (office), 624-6525
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2007-10 Sofia Kovalevskaja, Award (Von Humboldt, declined). 2007-10 McKnight Presidential Fellow .

Referee for PRL/PRD/NPB/PLB/JHEP/JCAP/GRQC (about 1 paper/month). Co-organizer of the ``Cosmo-04’’ conference (Toronto), and of the Workshops ``Probing Early Structures-05’’, ``Continuous Advances in QCD-06’’, Dark Side of the Universe-07’’ (Minneapolis). Co-editor of the Proceedings of CAQCD-06. External examiner of Ph.D. thesis of N. Shuhmaher (McGill U.)

Summary of Interests
Astroparticle physics, Inflation, Cosmology of extra-dimensions, Physics beyond the Standard Model

Selected Publications

Ahmet Emir Gumrukcuoglu, Carlo R. Contaldi, Marco Peloso, ``Inflationary perturbations in anisotropic backgrounds and their imprint on the CMB,’’, JCAP (2007)

Burak Himmetoglu and Marco Peloso, ``Isolated Minkowski vacua, and stability analysis for an extended brane in the rugby ball,’’, Nucl. Phys. (2007)

Stefan Groot Nibbelink, Marco Peloso, and Matthew Sexton, “Nonlinear Properties of Vielbein Massive Gravity,’’, Eur. Phys. (2007)

Olive, Peloso, The Fate of SUSY Flat Directions and their Role in Reheating, Phys.Rev. D74 (2006) 103514 [abstract]

Peloso, Sorbo, Tasinato, Standard 4-D gravity on a brane in six dimensional flux compactifications., Phys.Rev.D73:104025,2006. [abstract]

Contaldi, Peloso, Kofman, Linde, Suppressing the lower multipoles in the CMB anisotropies., JCAP 0307:002,2003.

H.P. Nilles, M. Peloso, and L. Sorbo, Nonthermal Production of Gravitinos and Inflatinos, Phys. Rev. Letters [abstract]

Giudice, Peloso, Riotto, Tkachev, Production of massive fermions at preheating and leptogenesis., JHEP 9908 (1999) 014 [abstract]


Ph.D. Physics, SISSA-ISAS (Trieste, Italy), 2000
B.S. Physics, University of Trento (Italy), 1997