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M. Claudia Scarlata

Assistant Professor

PAN 347 (office), 6-1811
scarlata @

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Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota; Member, Cosmology Survey Multi-Cycle Treasury program (CANDELS); Member, COSMOS and z-COSMOS collaboration; Referee, ApJ, MNRAS; Member, HST review panel.

Summary of Interests
Galaxy formation and evolution: massive galaxies, evolution of galaxy structure. Lyα line as a cosmological tool: escape of Lyα photons, large-scale structure, Lyα blobs. Reionization: Lyman continuum escape fraction, IR background fluctuations

About My Work

Advisees and Collaborators

Ivano Baronchelli
Daniel Burbank, Undergraduate
Alexander Codoreanu, Undergraduate Physics Major
PeiDa Kuo, RET program
Anthony Pahl, Undergraduate
Jett Priewe, Undergraduate
Marc Rafelski, Caltech Postdoctoral Scholar
Nathaniel Ross

Selected Publications

Colbert, Scarlata et al., Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emission within Lyα Blobs, Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Bundy, Scarlata et al. , The Rise and Fall of Passive Disk Galaxies: Morphological Evolution Along the Red Sequence Revealed by COSMOS, Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Scarlata et al., He II Emission in Lyα Nebulae: Active Galactic Nucleus or Cooling Radiation?, Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Scarlata et al., The Effect of Dust Geometry on the Lyα Output of Galaxies, Astrophysical Journal Letters [abstract]

Scarlata et al., The Redshift Evolution of Early-Type Galaxies in COSMOS: Do Massive Early-Type Galaxies Form by Dry Mergers?, Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series [abstract]

Scarlata et al., COSMOS Morphological Classification with the Zurich Estimator of Structural Types (ZEST) and the Evolution Since z = 1 of the Luminosity Function of Early, Disk, and Irregular Galaxies, Astrophysical Journal [abstract]


Ph.D., Astrophysics, Padova University, 2004
M.S., Astrophysics, Padova University (summa cum laude), 1999