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Jorge Vinals


PHYS 346 (office), 624-9074
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Summary of Interests
Pattern formation outside of equilibrium. Nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation, and chaos. Defect motion in soft matter. Biological physics: stochasticity in regulatory networks and fluctuations of charged surfaces.

About My Work

Our research is of theoretical and computational nature, and focuses on nonequilibrium phenomena in extended systems, and in applications of Statistical Mechanics to problems in Biophysics or Biomaterials. In the former case, we aim at understanding the mechanisms underlying the formation and evolution of spatio temporal patterns in systems driven outside of thermodynamic equilibrium, including the transition to spatio temporal chaos in extended systems. We focus on prototypical systems and related experimental configurations in which to address fundamental issues of nonlinear phenomena, as well as on configurations of interest because of their applications in soft matter, materials science, and engineering. In the latter case, we are address the role of stochasticity in the stability of gene regulation networks, and effective interactions between charged fluctuating surfaces in solution.

Advisees and Collaborators

Chris Conklin, Teaching Assitant
Scott Dossa, Teaching Assistant
Zachary Robinson, Teaching Assistant
Simon Schneider, Teaching Assistant
Chi Deuk Yoo, Research Associate
Alexey Zinger, Teaching Assistant


Ph.D. in Physics, University of Barcelona, Spain.