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Liliya Williams
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Liliya Williams is a Professor of Astrophysics working on the distribution of dark matter throughout the Universe. Using luminous matter such as stars and gas, Williams can trace dark matter and find patterns in the distribution.


Marquit Memorial Service

Erwin Marquit

There will be a memorial service for the late Professor Erwin Marquit on Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 11:00 - 1:00 p.m. at the First Unitarian Society in Minneapolis located at 900 Mount Curve Avenue. More »

Tate remodel slated for June 2015

Architect's rendering showing the new exterior of the Tate Lab of Physics

Architects have completed a schematic design for an extensive remodel of Tate Laboratory of Physics. The building will be shutdown in June 2015 with work scheduled to be complete within 24 months. The renovation will seek to preserve the character of the building as a historic part of Northrop Mall while providing modern lecture halls and classrooms, instructional labs, study spaces, and conference rooms. More »

Did Dark Matter Just Get A Little Less Mysterious?

Abell 3827 Image.jpg

Using Hubble Space Telescope images, a team of astronomers studied a nearby cluster of galaxies that shows an unusually dense concentration of bright galaxies in its center. More »

Nolting wins NSF Fellowship

Chris Nolting

Chris Nolting, a first year graduate student in astrophysics has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. The award is for three years of support. Nolting's fellowship was one of 11 awarded to the College of Science and Engineering this year. More »

Noireaux wins prestigious grant for international research collaboration

Vincent Noireaux

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Vincent Noireaux has received a program grant from the Human Frontiers Science Program Organization (HFSPO). Noireaux is the Principal Investigator of the grant for his research in biological physics which will be shared with his co-PI’s Albert Libchaber, Rockefeller University, (New York) Yusuke Maeda, Kyushu University, (Japan), and Albrecht Ott, Universität des Saarlandes (Germany). The whole team will share a total of $400,000 per year for three years. More »


Wednesday, May 6th
1:25 pm:
Nuclear Physics Seminar in 435 Physics
There will be no seminar this week.
3:35 pm:
Efficient numerical simulations of quantum many-body systems —
Frank Pollmann, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
Refreshments served in Room 216 Physics after colloquium. 3:35 pm Award Ceremony. 3:50 - 4:50 pm Colloquium
Thursday, May 7th
12:05 pm:
Brian O'Neill and Bob Gehrz
12:15 pm:
Cosmological Relaxation of the Electroweak Vacuum —
Surjeet Rajendran (UC Berkeley)
1:15 pm:
Condensed Matter Seminar in 210 Physics
Frustration, Unexpected Order and Criticality in 2D Heisenberg Antiferromagnets —
Premala Chandra, Rutgers University
Please note: change of time for seminar, in effect for rest of semester.
1:25 pm:
The Detection of Bright but Rare Particles Carrying One or Two Distinct Fluorescent Colors: A Simulation Study —
Mitchell Wendt, University of Minnesota
Friday, May 8th
11:15 am:
Methods of Experimental Physics Poster Session in Physics and Nanotechnology Building Atrium
1:00 pm:
Statistical Validation of Density-Specific-Volume Covariance Transport in a Two-Fluid System —
Benjamin Ihde, University of Minnesota
2:30 pm:
"Shining a Light Into the Dark: Using Cave Deposits to Illuminate Fine-Scale of the Geomagnetic Behavior —
Josh Feinberg, U Minnesota, Earth Sciences
3:35 pm:
The Making of the Modern Dog: Breed, Blood and Britishness —
Michael Worboys, Life Sciences, University of Manchester
Refreshments served in Room 216 Physics at 3:15 p.m.
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