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Oriol T. Valls studies unusual properties of nanostructures consisting of layers of intercalated superconductor and ferromagnetic materials. Such structures are interesting for their applications in spintronics and because their physics are not completely understood. These structures exhibit what are called proximity effects: the superconductivity leaks into the magnetic layers and the magnetism into the superconducting ones.


Pribiag receives NSF CAREER Award

Vlad Pribiag

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Vlad Pribiag has received an National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Development (CAREER) Award. The award which amounts to more than $642,000 for a period of five years was given for his research in "Backscattering, Confinement and Superconductivity in a Two-Dimensional Topological Insulator." More »

Mantis dies at age 98

Homer Mantis

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Emeritus, Homer Mantis passed away age 98. Mantis' area of expertise was in physical meteorology and atmospheric physics. More »

Greven named AAAS Fellow

Martin Greven

Professor Martin Greven has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). More »

Rusack elected APS Fellow


Professor Roger Rusack was elected an APS Fellow "for leadership in the development of advanced photodetector systems used in the Higgs boson discovery and realization and exploitation of the electromagnetic calorimeter of the CMS experiment." More »

Zudov named APS Fellow


Professor Michael Zudov was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society "for seminal experiments on nonequilibrium transport in high Landau levels of 2D systems, including discovery of microwave-induced resistance oscillations and zero-resistance states." More »


Tuesday, February 9th
12:00 pm:
Dynamic Mars: First Results from MAVEN —
Jasper Halekas, University of Iowa
4:30 pm:
CM Journal Club in PAN 120
Topological Superconductivity —
Xuzhe Ying
Wednesday, February 10th
10:10 am:
Biophysics Seminar in 120 PAN
Studies of motor-driven viral DNA packaging with optical tweezers: Biophysics of motor function and tight DNA confinement —
Doug Smith, UC San Diego
2:00 pm:
Dark matter models: the diary of a particle phenomenologist —
Yann Mambrini, CNRS-Université Paris XI
3:35 pm:
There will be no seminar this week.
Thursday, February 11th
11:15 am:
Visualizing Low Dimensional Electronic States in Complex Quantum Materials —
Yongtao Cui, Stanford University
12:05 pm:
Trevor Knuth and Roberta Humphreys
3:35 pm:
Myth-Busters: Dark Energy Survey and South Pole Telescope —
Scott Dodelson, Fermilab
Refreshments to be served outside 101 Fraser after the colloquium.
Friday, February 12th
11:15 am:
There will be no seminar this week.
12:20 pm:
Magnetic Field Reentrant Superconductivity in Aluminum Nanowires —
Terry Bretz-Sullivan, University of Minnesota
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