University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Physics Contact Information

Physics & Nanotechnology Building (PAN)
115 Union Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455

John T. Tate Hall
116 Church Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455

General Information
info @
Tate 130624-7375

School of Physics and Astronomy

Ronald Poling
TateH 130-11624-7870
PAN 354624-6950
Associate Head
Lucy Fortson
PAN 285-14624-9587
Director, Graduate Studies
Jorge Vinals
TATEH 130-17 624-9074
Director, Undergraduate Studies
Jeremy Mans
PAN 427625-8994
Finance and Administration
Ginny Olson
TATEH 130-09624-5786
MetteMarie Stewart
TATEH 130-06626-6509
Purchasing/Accounts Payable
Amy Nastrom Nordlander
orders @
PAN 237626-8104
Assistant to the Head
Julie Murphy
TATEH 130-07 625-6928
Computing and Networks
Jesse Bren
csehelp @
PAN 347624-5040
Jenny Allan
jenny @
TATEH 130-33624-2852
Assistant to Student Programs
Jennifer Kroschel
TATEH 130-05624-1625
Graduate Studies Information
Kristina Cibuzar
grad @
TATEH 130-03626-5982
Undergraduate Studies Information
Kelly Michel
ugrad @
TATEH 130624-7375
Brian Andersson
TATEH S67624-6584
Introductory Labs
Sean Albiston
TATEH B57625-3598
Methods Lab
Kurt Wick
TATEH S65624-2831
Condensed Matter Physics
Shelley Frankel
PAN 212626-0236
High Energy Physics
Andrea Stronghart
PAN 321624-7886
Nuclear/Space Physics
Angela Stehr
TATEH 375-11624-8089
FaxTATEH 130624-4578
Website updates/requests
web @
Keys/AccessRequest Form
Stock RoomPAN 241TATEH 130

Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics

Evan Skillman
TATEH 285-16624-9523
Executive Assistant
Terry Thibeault
TATEH 285-00624-4811

Coordinator: Annie Bartels|TATEH 285-22|624-7053

Director, Graduate Studies
Terry J. Jones
TATEH 260 624-8009
Information, Graduate Studies
Terry Thibeault
tt @
TATEH 285-00624-4811
Director, Undergraduate Studies
Liliya Williams
TATEH 285-10624-1084

History of Science Technology and Medicine

Susan Jones
Julia Knoll
SHEPHERD 154624-7069

William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute

Keith Olive
TATEH 275-18624-7354
Associate Administrator
Meghan Murray
TATEH 275-21624-8367
Alcia Canfield
TATEH 275-03 624-7366

Other Facilities

NOvA Ash River Lab
Bill Miller
Soudan Underground Lab
Jerry Meier
Soudan Surface Building
Eileen Amos

All phone numbers are in area code 612 unless otherwise noted. For more specific contact details, please see the main directory.