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Charles E. Woodward

Professor (Minnesota Insitute for Astrophysics); Coordinator LBTO

SHEPLAB 327 (office), 624-0254/626-2067
SHEPLAB 554 (lab)
woodw024 @ • curriculum vitae


Professor, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 2005-; Associate Professor, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 2000-2004; National Science Foundation-White House Presidential Faculty Fellow; National Science Foundation-Young Investigator Award; Smithsonian Institution Faculty Fellow-Air & Space Museum; Ford Foundation Minority Fellow.

Woodward is currently serves as a: Vice-President, The American Astronomical Society; Board Member and Vice-Chair, Large Binocular Telescope Corporation; and has previously served as a: Member, Astronomy Astrophysics Advisory Committee 2009-2012; Member, National Academy Science, Space Studies Board, 2007-2011; Councilor, American Astronomical Society, 2008-2011; Member, OIR Panel Ast2010 Decadal Committee, 2008-2010; Chair of the International Gemini Observatory Board 2008-2010; as a Team Member on the NASA Discovery (Planetary) Mission Selection Panel 2011-2012; and recently as a Member of the NAS/NRC Committee on the Survey of Surveys 2014-2015.

Summary of Interests
Solar system comets; classical novae and CVs; evolved stellar populations, National/International Space and Research Policy

About My Work

Woodward is an international expert in XUVOIR ground, and space-based observational astrophysics, instrumentation development, and telescope construction, management, and operations. He also has significant experience in national space policy. His primary research is on the physical properties of astrophysical grains in interstellar, circumstellar, and solar system environments, the physics of nova explosions and their chemical contributions to the interstellar medium, the physical characteristics of the circumstellar ejecta of evolved stars, evolved stellar population demographics, and the IR activity of comet nuclei and small solar system bodies. He played a significant role in the programmatic development of the NASA's Space Infrared Telescope Facility (Spitzer)legacy sciences opportunities, and has participated in mentoring programs to enhance diversity in the field of astrophysics. His research is supported by the NSF and NASA.

Advisees and Collaborators

Ben Sharkey - U. Minnesota Honors Undergraduate

Selected Publications

Evans, A.; Gehrz, R. D.; Woodward, C. E.; Sarre, P. J.; van Loon, J. T.; Helton, L. A.; Starrfield, S.; Eyres, S. P. S., CK Vul: a smorgasbord of hydrocarbons rules out a 1670 nova (and much else besides), Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society [abstract]

Arendt, Richard G.; Dwek, Eli; Bouchet, Patrice; Danziger, I. John; Frank, Kari A.; Gehrz, Robert D.; Park, Sangwook; Woodward, Charles E., Infrared Continuum and Line Evolution of the Equatorial Ring around SN 1987A, The Astronomical Journal [abstract]

Pavlenko, Ya. V.; Kaminsky, B.; Rushton, M. T.; Evans, A.; Woodward, C. E.; Helton, L. A.; O'Brien, T. J.; Jones, D.; Elkin, V., Modelling the spectral energy distribution of the red giant in RS Ophiuchi: evidence for irradiation, Monthly Notices of the Riyal Astronomical Society [abstract]

Schlieder, Joshua E.; Skemer, Andrew J.; Maire, Anne-Lise; Desidera, Silvano; Hinz, Philip; Skrutskie, Michael F.; Leisenring, Jarron; Bailey, Vanessa; Defrère, Denis; Woodward, C.E.; and 14 coauthors, The LEECH Exoplanet Imaging Survey: Orbit and Component Masses of the Intermediate-age, Late-type Binary NO UMa, The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Skemer, Andrew J.; Morley, Caroline V.; Zimmerman, Neil T.; Skrutskie, Michael F.; Leisenring, Jarron; Buenzli, Esther; Bonnefoy, Mickael; Bailey, Vanessa; Hinz, Philip; Woodward,C.E.; and 33 coauthors, The LEECH Exoplanet Imaging Survey: Characterization of the Coldest Directly Imaged Exoplanet, GJ 504 b, and Evidence for Superstellar Metallicity, The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Kelley, Michael S. P.; Woodward, Charles E.; Bodewits, Dennis; Farnham, Tony L.; and 11 coauthors, Cometary Science with the James Webb Space Telescope, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Pacific [abstract]

Page, K. L.; Osborne, J. P.; Kuin, N. P. M.; Henze, M.; Walter, F. M.; Beardmore, A. P.; Woodward, C.E.; and 11 coauthors, Swift detection of the super-swift switch-on of the super-soft phase in nova V745 Sco (2014), Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society [abstract]

Gehrz, R. D.; Evans, A.; Helton, L. A.; Shenoy, D. P.; Banerjee, D. P. K.; Woodward, C. E.; and 13 coauthors, The Early Infrared Temporal Development of Nova Delphini 2013 (V339 DEL) Observed with the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) and from the Ground, The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Skemer, Andrew J.; Hinz, Philip; Montoya, Manny; Skrutskie, Michael F.; Leisenring, Jarron; Durney, Oli; Woodward, Charles E.; and 5 coauthors, First light with ALES: A 2-5 micron adaptive optics Integral Field Spectrograph for the LBT, SPIE [abstract]

Woodward, Charles E.; Kelley, Michael S. P.; Harker, David E.; Ryan, Erin L.; Wooden, Diane H.; Sitko, Michael L.; Russell, Ray W.; and 4 coauthors, SOFIA Infrared Spectrophotometry of Comet C/2012 K1 (Pan-STARRS), The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Dressler, A; Baker, D.N.; Bearden, D.A.; Blanford, R.D.; Boland, S.W.; Calvin, W.M., Coustenis, A.; Hoeksema, J.T.; Janetos, A.C.; Mackwell, S.J.; McCuistion, J.D.; Sleep, N.H.; Woodward, C.E.; Young, A.T., The Space Science Decadal Surveys: Lessons Learned and Best Practices, The National Academies Press [abstract]

Ryan, E. L.; Mizuno, D. R.; Shenoy, S. S.; Woodward, C. E.; Carey, S. J.; Noriega-Crespo, A.; Kraemer, K. E.; Price, S. D., The kilometer-sized Main Belt asteroid population revealed by Spitzer, Astronomy & Astrophysics [abstract]

Vacca, William D.; Hamilton, Ryan T.; Savage, Maureen; Shenoy, Sachindev; Becklin, E. E.; Woodward, C.E.; and 17 coauthors, Observations of Type Ia Supernova 2014J with FLITECAM/SOFIA, The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Conrad, Albert; de Kleer, Katherine; Leisenring, Jarron; La Camera, Andrea; Arcidiacono, Carmelo; Woodward, C.E,; and 14 coauthors, Spatially Resolved M-band Emission from Io's Loki Patera-Fizeau Imaging at the 22.8 m LBT, The Astronomical Journal [abstract]

Raj, A.; Ashok, N. M.; Rudy, Richard J.; Russell, Ray W.; Lynch, David K.; Woodward, Charles E.; Sitko, Michael; and 4 coauthors, IR Study of Nova V2468 Cyg from Early Decline to the Coronal Phase, The Astronomical Journal [abstract]

Maire, A.-L.; Skemer, A. J.; Hinz, P. M.; Desidera, S.; Esposito, S.; Gratton, R.; Marzari, F.; Skrutskie, M. F.; Woodward, C.E.; and 30 coauthors, The LEECH Exoplanet Imaging Survey. Further constraints on the planet architecture of the HR 8799 system, Astronomy & Astrophysics [abstract]

Schwarz, Greg J.; Shore, Steven N.; Page, Kim L.; Osborne, Julian P.; Beardmore, Andrew P.; Woodward, C.E.; and 6 coauthors, Pan-Chromatic Observations of the Remarkable Nova Large Magellanic Cloud 2012, The Astronomical Journal [abstract]

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Lindsay, Sean S.; Wooden, Diane H.; Harker, David E.; Kelley, Michael S.; Woodward, Charles E.; Murphy, Jim R., Absorption Efficiencies of Forsterite. I. Discrete Dipole Approximation Explorations in Grain Shape and Size, The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

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Chesneau, O.; Lagadec, E.; Otulakowska-Hypka, M.; Banerjee, D. P. K.; Woodward, C. E.; and 13 coauthors, The expanding dusty bipolar nebula around the nova V1280 Scorpi, Astronomy & Astrophysics [abstract]

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Chornock, R.; Filippenko, A. V.; Li, W.; Marion, G. H.; Foley, R. J.; Woodward, C.E.; and 16 coauthors, The Transitional Stripped-envelope SN 2008ax: Spectral Evolution and Evidence for Large Asphericity, The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

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Rushton, M. T.; Kaminsky, B.; Lynch, D. K.; Pavlenko, Ya. V.; Evans, A.; Eyres, S. P. S.; Woodward, C. E.;and 4 coauthors, Changes in the red giant and dusty environment of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi following the 2006 eruption, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society [abstract]


Ph.D. Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, 1987
M.A. Physics, University of Rochester, 1982
A.B. Physics, Dartmouth College, 1980