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Russell Hobbie

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First Prize - AAPT Film Competition, 1969
Certificate of Appreciation, Minnesota Science Teachers Association, 1985
Distinguished Service Citation, Amer. Assoc. of Physics Teachers, 1986
Tau Beta Pi - Eminent Engineer, 1993
George Taylor Distinguished Teaching Award, Institute of Technology, 1995

Research Associate, University of Minnesota, 1960-62
Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Minnesota, 1962-65
Associate Professor of Physics, University of Minnesota, 1965-72
Professor of Physics, University of Minnesota, 1972-1998
Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, 1998-
Visiting Professor, Vanderbilt University, 1999
Director, Space Science Center, 1979-1984
Associate Dean for Student Affairs, 1984-1995

Summary of Interests
My interest is in biological and medical physics.

About My Work

I retired in 1998. I can still be reached by e-mail. However, I do not have any students.

The fifth edition of Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, with co-author Brad Roth, is now available: Springer, 2015, ISBN 978-3-319-12681-4. Information, including the Table of Contents, and errata, can be found at An interview with me about the history of the book is available in the American Physical Society Division of Biological Physics Newsletter.

See also Brad Roth's weekly blog about the book:

Selected Publications

Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, Fifth Edition, Springer, 2015

J. Koser, T. Goerke and A. Eisenkraft, Active Physics: (The unit on Medicine), College Park, MD., American Association of Physics Teachers, 1998. Distributed by It's About Time, Inc. Armonk, NY

E. Russell Ritenour and R. K. Hobbie, Imaging with Non-ionizing Radiation, Ch. 10 of W. R. Hendee (ed.) Biomedical Use of Radiation. Part A: Diagnostic Applications. VCH, 1997

P. Carson et al., Radiation Science, Radiology Centennial, Inc. and Kendall-Hunt Publishing Co., 1995


B.S., MIT, 1956
A.M., Harvard University, 1957.
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1960.