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Vincent Noireaux

PAN 416 (office), 612-624-6589
PAN 484 (lab), 612-626-8085
noireaux @ • http://www.noireauxlab.orgcurriculum vitae

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PhD: movement of the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, a model of cell motility. A biomimetic system was used to understand actin-based motility in living cells.

Postdoc: in vitro gene expression, synthetic gene circuits and synthetic cell system.

Past lab members: Zekun Deng, Ruoqi Tang, Nadezda Monina, Jonghyeon Shin, Jerome Chalmeau, Filippo Caschera

Summary of Interests
Experimental biological physics and synthetic biology. In vitro gene expression, development of quantitative cell-free transcription/translation systems, biophysics of a synthetic cell system.

Selected Publications

Garamella, J., Marshall, R., Rustad, M., Noireaux, V., The all E. coli Cell-free TX-TL Toolbox 2.0: a platform for cell-free synthetic biology, ACS Synthetic Biology DOI:10.1021/acssynbio.5b00296 (2016). [abstract]

Takahashi, M.K., Hayes, C.A., Chappell, J., Sun, Z.Z., Murray, R.M., Noireaux, V., Lucks, J.B., Characterizing and prototyping genetic networks with cell-free transcription-translation reactions, Methods 86, 60-72 (2015).

Tayar, A., Karzbrun, E., Noireaux, V., Bar-Ziv, B.H., Propagating gene expression front in a one-dimensional coupled system of artificial cells, Nature Physics 11, 1037-1041 (2015).

Chemla, Y., Ozer, E., Schlesinger, O., Noireaux, V., Alfonta, L., Genetically expanded cell-free protein synthesis using endogenous pyrrolysyl orthogonal translation system, Biotechnol Bioeng 112(8), 1663-1672 (2015). [abstract]

Siegal-Gaskins, D., Tuza, Z., Kim, J., Noireaux, V., Murray, M.M., Gene circuit performance characterization and resource usage in a cell-free ‘breadboard‘, ACS Synthetic Biology 3(6) 416-425 (2014).

Caschera, F., Noireaux, V., Integration of biological parts towards the synthesis of a minimal cell, Curr Opin Chem Biol 22, 85-91 (2014)

Karzbrun, E, Tahar, A., Noireaux, V., Bar-Ziv, B.H., Programmable, two-dimensional DNA compartments as artificial cells, Science 345(6198) 829-832 (2014)

Coutable, A., Thibault, C., Chalmeau, J., Francois, J.M., Vieu, C., Noireaux, V., Trevisiol, E. Preparation of tethered-lipid bilayers on gold surfaces for the incorporation of integral membrane proteins synthesized by cell-free expression, Langmuir 30(11), 3132-3141 (2014)

Caschera, F., Noireaux, V., Synthesis of 2.3 mg/ml of protein with an all Escherichia coli cell-free transcription-translation system, Biochimie 99, 162-168 (2013)

Sun, Z.Z., Hayes, C.A., Shin, J., Caschera, F., Murray, M.M., Noireaux, V., Protocols for Implementing an Escherichia coli Based TX-TL Cell-Free Expression System for Synthetic Biology, J Vis Exp 79, e50762 (2013)

Shin, J., Jardine, P., Noireaux, V., Genome replication, synthesis and assembly of the bacteriophage T7 in a single cell-free reaction, ACS Synthetic Biology 1(9), 408-413 (2012)

Noireaux, V., Maeda, Y., Libchaber, L., Development of an artificial cell, from self-organization to computation and self-reproduction, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 108(9), 3473-3480 (2011)

Karzbrun, E., Shin, J., Bar-Ziv, R., Noireaux, V., Coarse-grained dynamics of protein synthesis in a cell-free system, Phys. Rev. Letters 106(4), 048104 (2011)

Noireaux, V., Libchaber, A., A vesicle bioreactor as a step toward an artificial cell assembly, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 101, 17669-17674 (2004)

Noireaux, V., Bar-Ziv, R., Libchaber, A., Principles of cell-free genetic circuit assembly, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 100, 12672-12677 (2003)

Dubertret, B., Skourides, P., Norris, D.J., Noireaux, V., Brivanlou, A.H., Libchaber, A., In vivo imaging of quantum dots encapsulated in phospholipids micelles, Science 298, 1759-1762 (2002)

Fradelizi, J., Noireaux, V., Plastino, J., Menichi, B., Louvard, D., Sykes, C., Golsteyn, R.M., Friederich, E. , ActA and the human Zyxin harbour Arp2/3 complex independent actin polymerisation activity, Nat. Cell Biol. 3, 699-707 (2001)

Noireaux, V., Golsteyn, R.M., Friederich, E., Prost, J., Antony, C., Louvard, D., Sykes, C. , Growing an actin gel on spherical surfaces, Biophy. J. 78, 1643-1654 (2000)


Postdoc Biological Physics, The Rockefeller University, New York, 2000-2005

Ph.D. University Paris XI (France), 2000
B.S. Physics, Tours University (France), 1994