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Thomas W. Jones

Professor (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)

TATEH 285-02 (office), 624-8546
WALIB 411 (office), 624-1699
twj @



Chairman of the Department of Astronomy, 1981-1997; Interim Director of the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, 2008-2010; Fellow of the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute since 1988; Fellow of the American Physical Society since 2014, American Astronomical Society, International Astronomical Union.

Recent Advisees:
Jennifer Delgado, PhD 2013 (Kansas University)
Peter Mendygral, PhD 2011 (Cray Inc.)
Paul Edmon, PhD 2010 (Center for Astrophysics)
Sean O'Neill, PhD 2007 (JILA)

Summary of Interests
Theoretical and computational astrophysics, acceleration of cosmic rays, physics of diffusive shock acceleration, magnetohydrodynamics, galaxy clusters and the intracluster medium, radio galaxy dynamics, supernova remnant dynamics [Research Group Web Pag [Research Web Page]

Selected Publications

G. Brunetti & T. W. Jones, Cosmic rays in galaxy clusters and their interaction with magnetic fields, IJMPD, 23, 1430007 (2014)

H. Kang, D. Ryu & T. W. Jones, Diffusive Shock Acceleration Simulations of Radio Relics, ApJ 2012, 756, 97 (2013)

P. Mendygral, T. W, Jones & K. Dolag, MHD Simulations of Active Galactic Nuclei Jets in a Dynamic Galaxy Cluster, ApJ 750, 166 (2012)

C. Pfrommer & T. W. Jones, “Radio Galaxy NGC 1265 unveils the Accretion Shock onto the Perseus Galaxy Cluster”, ApJ. 730, 22 (2011)

P. P. Edmon, H. Kang, T. W. Jones & R. Ma, Nonthermal Radiation from Type Ia Supernova Remnants, 2011, MNRAS, 414, 3521 (2011)

S.M. O’Neill & T. W. Jones, Three-dimensional Simulations of Bi-directed MHD Jets Interacting with Cluster Environments, Ap. J., 710, 180 (2010)

A. Beresnyak, T.W. Jones & A. Lazarian, “Turbulence-induced magnetic fields and the structure of Cosmic Ray modified shocks”, Ap. J., 707, 1541 (2009)


B.S. (with highest honors), Physics, University of Texas at Austin, 1967.
M.S., Physics, University of Minnesota, 1969.
Ph.D., Physics, University of Minnesota, 1972.